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Stockpiling for the Holiday’s – Creative Stockpile Gift Idea

creative stockpile gift idea
I decided to “test” out gift giving from my stockpile this year!  My guinea pig was my BIL.  He loves to clean so I created a “I Love To Cleanthemed gift basket for him!  I had no idea how he would react to the gift.  I was in complete amazement of how excited he was and what a hit it turned out to be!  In fact my MIL stated that it was the best gift she had seen and I think that means that she will be getting one next year!

Creative Stockpile Gift Idea:

My total OOP (Out of Pocket): $3.00!!!
I pulled every single item from my stockpile except the bucket, toilet bowl brush and dust clothes!  I purchased those at the local dollar store!  Which makes me think that there will more Stockpiling for the Holiday’s in the future!
I am brainstorming some gift themes:  “Snack Attack”, “Pampering You”, “Organic Delight” and “Baker’s Dream”….  Let me know if you have any ideas?


  1. kykathy says

    What great ideas! I'd be delighted with any of them. They would be super for wedding or baby shower gifts, too. Basic cleaning supplies or pantry staples for a bride-to-be, baby items or a pampering gift for moms-to-be. Love the idea!

  2. Ann On and On... says

    I'm in Canada half of the year and can not seem to find these deals…. When I'm in the US I try to take advantage of these opportunities. Great ideas!!

  3. Dumb Dawn says

    GREAT Idea!
    Something I always give to new moms is a Rubbermaid caddy filled with things needed for babies, including a pack of diapers on one side. All the other little things like binkies, onezies, nail clippers, Nursing pads, diaper rash ointment on the other side.
    I have a lot of "crunchy" friends who loved it when I gave grapefruit seed extract in the Baby Caddy.
    The caddy can be used to hold diapers and other things needed for changing diapers…and it's portable…all in one place kind of thing.

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