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Zhu Zhu Pet and Surfboard GIVEAWAY!!!

This giveaway is closed



  1. Rhonda says

    ooops, forgot to say I would give the hampster and board to my daughter's! My email addy is:
    gamblefamily@comcast dot net
    Thank you.

  2. kykathy says

    I have followed your blog since the beginning—love it! How kind of you to give away zhu Zhu pet!! I would give it to my son, who would love it! We don't have any yet! I'll post this on my Facebook status, too…thanks for all you hard work to bring us good deals! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year of SAVINGS!!

  3. Lund7 says

    Wow! I was just talking to my sister about these pets and saying that they are sold out here! My 7 year old would LOVE this prize!!! If I won, I would give it to her for her birthday on Dec. 28th so you wouldn't have to rush the shipping!!! Awesome giveaway!

  4. Anonymous says

    I love what you are doing and that you have gotten into this. I would give the toy to Kaitlyn my daughter. LOL I guess we are kinda invalid for entry though because you are her aunt Melissa. Oh well. Love the site though anyway.

  5. rtrease says

    I would give this Zhu Zhu pet surfboard to my daughter, Jennifer as it is the ONE thing on her Christmas list that she asked for and I cannot find ANYWHERE!!

  6. Megan says

    Oh wow – this would be awesome. I would give it to one of my girls (we already have one…but am hoping to find…or win…one more so they can each have a zhu zhu pet!

  7. manic momma says

    This would go straight to my fiancee's new adopted sisters-as crazy as this sounds, his mom and stepfather adopted 4 girls from Peru and they came to the US with only their clothes and one doll so they would just adore this toy. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Mistyhugs4u says

    I would give this to my 12 year old daughter. I subscribed as a reader Mistyhugs4u2002 at aol dot com

  9. Michele P. says

    I would give the hamster and surfboard to my 8 yr old daughter, she's been wanting one, but I've had to work and when they've had them in the stores I've been too late!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  10. missreneer says

    I would give this to my 3 children. We have searched high and low for these. Thanks for the great contest and Happy Holidays :)

  11. Ann says

    1. Tell us who you would give the hamster and surfboard accessory to if you win!

    I would give this lovely gift to my daughter who would love the pet its cute little surfboard. How adorable!

    brownatural at gmail dot com

  12. Anonymous says

    Fellow blog follower :)

    I have been trying to find a zhu zhu pet for my 4 year old son. He LOVES animals of any kind (only the fake ones, he is afraid of real animals) and this was the one thing he told Santa he wanted but I have yet to find one that is affordable. Thank you for the chance….

    lisacarman at yahoo dot com