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Couponing in Canada

We have several readers that live in Canada and I thought I would do a little research to see if there are any resources available to Canadians.  I hope that this helps you in your journey to use coupons and live a debt free life!  Please bookmark these sites if you are living in Canada or planning a trip there! – which is an online forum.  Canada’s largest coupon and shopping deals community! – which is an online forum. – which is an online forum and bargain hunting community!  a blog that offers deals like we do here at Stockpiling Moms! has a Canada Coupon area for discounts! – which offers freebies to Canadians. has link that provides resources for finding Canadian coupons. – FREE coupons, discounts & offers to hundreds of Canadian brands.

Ebates – Is a Cash Back Site and now in Canada.

Be sure to check out our Stockpiling 101 Series for how to get started.

Happy Couponing and Bargain Hunting In Canada!

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  1. Ann On and On... says

    I heart you!!! THANKS for helping me…. now we need to find a great air plane ticket for you to come and enjoy Quebec City for a few days. 😀

  2. says

    hi guys, i am trudy, a mom of twins ,that are 5 and alexis who is 4,and my wonderful spouse elmer, i am a stay at home mom and the grocery bill just keeps rising i am just getting started and would love some help and advice on couponing,,,please help,, and nearly broke in pei,,,,,,thank you!

  3. Heather Pfingsten says

    I don’t live in Canada sooo this post does not apply to me… but… I am happy this is a big thing elsewhere!

  4. says

    I don’t live in Canada but I have a few friends who do and will pass this along to them. I have heard from my Canadian friends that it’s very hard to coupon up there and they don’t get near as many coupons as we do in the states.

  5. Kathleen McDougall says

    I live in Canada but I live on the border to United States so being in a border town I like to get coupons from both. I shop on both sides. I find it is alot harder to get coupons n Canada and there seem to be more restrictions on how they can be used. Only one coupon per purchase.

    Thank You,

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