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Going Green Saves You Green

We have been making several changes in the past year to be “green” and Eco friendly.  I wanted to share some of our frugal living ideas with you. Please feel free to leave a comment with additional ideas that you are using!  Not only does living green teach our son how to be more Eco friendly it also helps to save us lots of money!

  1. Avoid using paper plates, plastic wear, paper napkins, paper towels and paper/plastic cups. Not only is it not “green”, it wastes a lot of money that you could be saving. Invest in a stock of reusable plastic plates, cups as well as fabric napkins and hand towels to use instead. This will take some adjusting too but is a huge money and environment saver!
  2. Plant a garden and learn to can your produce. Not only is this a great family activity, there is nothing better than harvesting and eating your own produce.
  3. Make your own cleaners. You can use diluted white vinegar to clean. You can add natural oils like lavender to scent them. This costs pennies to clean your house!
  4. Recycle – It will save you money, because you won’t be purchasing and using as many garbage bags. Even if you do have to pay for it, it is a great family project with sorting items into the bins.
  5. Compost! If you are gardening, build a compost bin and compost your coffee grounds, egg shells and fruit and vegetable skins. This will add nutrients to your garden and save space in your garbage.
  6. Install an electronic programmable thermostat. It is a huge money saver!
  7. Change to energy saving florescent light bulbs. Which can often be matched with a coupon!.
  8. Install solar film on windows and use cellular shades/thermal window treatments (keep closed during the day).
  9. Install energy saving receptacle weather insulation (outlets and light switches).
  10. Use a hot water heater blanket and turn your hot water heater down.
  11. Take your own bags to grocery shop. You can even earn money for doing so!
  12. Unplug household appliances when not in use. This is FREE, just takes a second!

I hope some of these ideas get you thinking about “going green“.  It is another way for you to add to your families savings, help the Earth and begin living a more frugal lifestyle. It does taken an investment but once you go green you will see the benefits of how they can help you save some green!

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  1. Danyale N. says

    # 7 is the only one im gettin ready to do i just got a 8 pk of energy bulbs for $11.79 other than that i can't afford to do some. We have no heat in the house but electric heaters which i know aren't cheap, and hate the smell of vinegar. thanks for the tips though just the same.

  2. says

    The one idea I’d most like to try is composting. I’ve read that fruits and vegetables from your garden that has been treated with compost taste a thousand times better.

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