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Frugal Friday – Organize a Coupon Swap

I wanted to write a post on how to organize a coupon swap for today’s Frugal Friday post.  If you are purchasing several papers a week you will find that you end up with many “extra” coupons.  One of the best sources  I find for finding coupons is through “swapping”.  I created an exchange when I started stockpiling with several of my friends.  We got together once a week and simply swapped coupons.  It was nice because we were able to each find coupons that were “leftover” from each other and put them to use.  Now through the site we have created a swap with our local library in our community that meets twice a month.

It is simple to start a swap.

  1. Start a swap at work.  For those interested place your leftover coupons into a rubber maid container with lid and then everyone can pass the container back and forth or place in your break room.
  2. Form a lunch bunch swap and enjoy a sack lunch together while you swap.
  3. Form a coupon swap with members of your MOMS Club, MOPS, Homemakers or PTSO.
  4. Swap with the Moms at your children’s school, ask if you can swap in an extra room of the cafeteria after drop off or before pick up.
  5. Another idea is to email a group of friends and see who would  be interested in participating and how often.

Swapping is great because for example I personally don’t use baby coupons or pet coupons however those are in “high demand” for many of my friends.  If you form a group with a diverse group that will make swapping even more profitable!

Just a reminder never throw away an expired coupon.  You can read about donating expired coupons.

Hope these tips help you organize a coupon swap!  It only takes 2 people to start one!


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