My Coupon Clutch!

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I wanted to show off my coupon binder!  We ordered the pattern from The Coupon Clutch (who we are affiliates with) and I made one with the help of my neighbor Carol.  I enjoyed making it and though it took me (several hours)…it was fun!   If you like to sew then I would suggest sewing your own…however  if you don’t love to sew then I suggest purchasing a ready made from The Coupon Clutch ;-)  I did enjoy seeing the “fruits of my labor” and choosing my own fabric too!

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link.


  1. I am impressed with your finished project as I have “fond” memories of your high school sewing projects.
    Love, Mom

  2. Great job – I LOVE your color scheme :)

  3. Melissa says:

    Thanks Denise!

    Oh Mom, those are some “fond” memories…LOL!

  4. Patricia says:

    I just wanted to ask does anyone else have problems with keeping the pages in the binder when they open thier binders, I purchased a zip up 3in. Binder and it just will not hold all my pages so I am going to have to
    redo my binder to food and non food to downsize my pages or use this pattern for a 4 in binder.

  5. Dartania says:

    I LOVE The Coupon Clutch. That is so adorable! I like to sew and i didn’t see any patterns that matched my style so I’m going to make my own. ^_^ I cant wait to get my cloth and make this up. I think it would be neat as well to make a matching Mini clutch for your in store coupons. For example most couponers use envelopes for each store with their list on it and coupons inside, well I have 5 stores i go to frequently so i think I’m gonna make a sort of coupon organizer for my stores instead of having tabs like a binder, have 5 tabs one for each store. Put my going shopping coupons in them and carry it in hand and have my Coupon Clutch Binder over my shoulder. I could even have a pocket in front for my hand held store coupon clutch. ^_^ Oh boy this has got me getting creative!

  6. I don’t know how to sew but my new step-mother does. She & my Dad are in their 70’s & she is just a delightful lady! I think a project like this will help us get closer! Thanks!!

  7. I would like to get the pattern since I love to sew, but I can’t find where to order it at. Could you please help…. Thanks…. :-)

  8. i would love to get the pattern but i can’t find where to order it are the cost. thanks tammy

  9. Sharon and Tammy,
    Click the link to the Coupon Clutch (up in the main article). When you get to the website, click the “Do It Yourself” tab toward the right side of the page. Underneath that you can order the pattern ($7.95). Hope this helps :)

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