Couponing at EW James & Sons

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If you shop EW James & Sons I wanted to share with you how you can save big!  EW James doubles coupons everyday up to $.50!  If you have a coupon valued at more than $.50 it is redeemed at face value.  So a $.50 cent coupon becomes $1.00 however a $.55 coupon is worth $.55.  They accept both Manufacturer coupons from the Sunday paper and Internet Printable coupons!  They do not have a shoppers card.

You can save even more at the EW James in Richmond, KY if you are a senior every Tuesday you get an additional 5% off and if you are an EKU student or employee you save 5% off on Monday.  This is off of your entire purchase!  Be sure to check with your local store to see if they offer similar discounts.  EW James are located in TN, KY, AR, MS.

They also offer a huge coupon bin where you can take coupons and drop off/trade out the ones you don’t want.  I think that is awesome!

For more information visit  You can also check to see if your store has any online coupons available.

EW James is based out of Union, TN.

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