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Couponing at Kmart

Kmart: Accepts Internet Printable Coupons.  They do not accept digital coupons.  They do not offer rain checks.  Do not double coupons except during their double coupon promotion.  This can be a great time to score free merchandise depending on the rules of the promotion.  They will double coupons up to a certain value.  So if you have a $1.00 coupon it will be $2.00 in value.  If you have a $1.50 coupon, it is only worth its face value ($1.50). Always check your store to see if they are participating and what limitations they have.

They do have rules and restrictions during their double promotion that seem to vary from promotion to promotion.  I always check at the service desk for their policy before I spend a lot of time shopping.  You will find their shelves get cleaned out quickly because they don’t carry a large inventory.  They do restock daily however you never know if they are going to restock the item you are looking for and they don’t either.

You must be a Shop Your Way Rewards member to participate in the doubles. You can register online or at a Kmart store.  It is FREE and you can earn rewards easily

They also have great clearance sales that do make for nice deals when matched with coupons.  In July, they have an awesome toy clearance sale (this is where I stock up on birthday and Christmas presents).  In my opinion, Kmart is hit or miss, and the best way to score is to go when the store opens on the first day of the sale.   They do offer some incentives for purchases as well, similar to Target.   You can print Store Coupons  from and often you can pick up savings booklets by the customer service desk.

Check out our Store Deals page for a blogger that covers Kmart.

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  1. JEN says

    I’m in WI and K-mart gave me a raincheck on Snuggle Fabric Softner a couple of weeks ago and just picked it up for free last night. Maybe they don’t offer rainchecks in certain areas?? I have little luck at K-mart as they are mostly out of everything when I go.

  2. Debbie Abrams says

    Does anyone else have trouble using coupons at the layaway dept? I had coupons for toys i was picking up for xmas last week and they would not scan in the layaway dept.

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