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Disney World – Traveling with Toddlers – Day 4

Disney World Traveling With Toddlers - Tips and Tricks to keep you sane!

Disney World – Traveling with Toddlers – Day 4

We got up really really early and got to the Magic Kingdom at 7:30!  It was great because we were the first ones there!  We got a  front row seat for the rope drop and the kids had a blast running around playing.  They had Hula Hoops out for the kids to play with and Glitter Mickeys all over the ground!  We watched the opening show which really gets you in the mood for Disney!

The Magic Kingdom is so so TODDLER FRIENDLY!!  The kids loved it!  I would say don’t miss a ride that the kids can ride!  It is better to go early in the morning, leave, and then go back at night!  We let our kids sleep in the day so we could stay out late!  We go on and off everything quickly!  If you can do really late magic hours it is wonderful!!!!

We ate lunch at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and Friends!  It was great but the Crystal Palace is very very small!!  There is not a lot of room to move around!

Dinner was at Chef Mickey at the Contemporary!  IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!  We loved it!!  I can say one thing for sure, MAKE RESERVTIONS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!  After eating we took the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom!

We stayed out late and since we saw the parade on WED.  We were able to cruise through rides!  Everyone one else was watching the parade!  A GREAT PLACE TO WATCH FIREWORKS, while staying out of the crowd, is Pooh’s Playful Spot!  When the kids get bored of the fireworks they can play on the playground!  We sat at the entrance and let them run!  You can see the whole area from one spot!

Great day and the kids were beat!  Oh and we thought we were not making it through the day!  When we first entered the park we were greeted by Goofy!  My oldest son punched him in the privates so I thought we would get kicked out for sure!  That is 4 for ya!!  😉 Have a great day!

Look for Day 5 coming soon!

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