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Extreme Couponing at Toys R Us/Babies R Us

You can do very well extreme couponing at Toys R Us and Babies R Us!  You can use manufacturer coupons at Toys R Us and Babies R Us.  They also offer Store Coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons.  They often offer rebates and special incentives (gift card with qualifying purchase) for purchases which allows you to get a product for free or close to free when matched with a coupon.

They offer a rewards card program called Rewards R Us where you can earn super savings, exclusive benefits and more!  You can do very well when matching toy coupons to clearance sales.  When they offer a buy one, get one free sale you can match that with a manufacturer buy one get one free coupon and only pay sales tax!

Also, you can price match at Target and Walmart with the sales ad.


Toys R Us is introducing the new Christmas Savers Club.

Sign up and Save!  Earn a bonus of 3%.

  • Convenient at-the-register deposits.
  • Receive a balance bonus of 3%.
  • Join and get your Club Card today!

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