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Blogging 101 – Hosting

Find a Host that ROCKS

There is nothing more important than a trustworthy host when it comes to your blog.  We have had SEVERAL hosts since we started our blog.  We started on Blogger (which is free) and quickly moved to GoDaddy.  As our blog grew we found that we needed more from our host and we moved again!

We were happy for a while with our next host but due to high traffic there is no way we could stay with our host.  We looked for a host that could keep us “up” more than “down” so that is why we were on the search yet again.

There are several reasons why we changed but the number one reason is the support that we get is amazing!  If we have an issue, we simply submit a ticket and within seconds a ticket is opened and they start working on the problem!  Normally within minutes from that the problem is resolved.  Our host is Wired Tree

After you have created the mission statement for your blog you are ready to begin.  You will need to decide what host you will use.  There are a variety of FREE hosts available.  I would personally suggest hosting through a free host when you start.  One very common host is Blogger.  We hosted through Blogger until February 2010 when we migrated to WordPress. Depending on the type of blog that you are going to create it will vary on what type of host you want to use.

If you are creating a frugal blog I personally suggest hosting through  If you want to monetize your blog (earn money from it) you will need to select a host that allows you to monetize.  Both Blogger and allows you to monetize.  The difference is you must be self hosted with which means you have to pay for your hosting service.  This is an expense that you are going to have to pay out of pocket unless your blog immediately starts earning income. An alternative host is if you do not plan to monetize your blog.

The reason that I suggest for frugal bloggers is that right now many frugal bloggers are finding that google who owns Blogger is deleting blogs without any notice, rhyme or reason.  Sometimes the blog gets re-instated and sometimes not.  It was a risk that we were not willing to take so we made the decision to migrate sooner than we originally planned.  We made the decision to move to Host and we use as our host.  There are a variety of hosts available I suggest you shop around and find one that is good for you and the size blog that you are.  Also, keep in mind that you need to plan for for growth.  As your blog grows you will use more bandwidth and you may grow out of the bandwidth that your server (host) provides.  At that time you may need to look for a different server or at some point purchase your own.

I think that using a free host is a great way to start out and see if blogging is really your cup of tea.  Blogging can be a great hobby and can turn into a business.  As a frugal blogger I suggest starting out as inexpensively as you can and see if it something you truly enjoy before you invest into blogging.

My suggestion is to ask other bloggers what host they use and if they are happy.   Follow the potential host on Facebook and Twitter and see what others are saying about the host and after doing research make your decision.  Never sign a contract with your host!  We do pay in 3 month increments now for our host because we get a discount but honestly you don’t want to be locked in to a provider if it is not going to work out.

This is not a sponsored post, we just think our host ROCKS!



  1. says

    Great tip, never thought of creating a mission statement. I will work on that! My blog is a frugal/saving money/freebie blog 😀

    Thanks for the tips!!

  2. says

    I’m enjoying your series! I’m one of the (seemingly) few people who are very happy with Blogger; I have no plans to switch to WordPress at this point. My one complaint? Lack of threaded comments (I don’t like the other options out there).

      • Melissa says

        Girls once you switch to WP you will NEVER look back! It is really not hard to learn…I used blogger from 2007 till we migrated and it took very little time to switch. Formatting is never easier…built in SEO, stats, the plug in’s are awesome.

  3. says

    One question. I signed up with websitebusiness and have a .com blog. Do you suggest that I close that site and migrate to as well? I am trying to learn as fast as I can. Never liked to crawl! Thanks again!

  4. says

    My host is They set up my site and helped me get started but I can’t change my template or do anything without their help. I am wondering about migrating to a blogspot instead and dropping Any ideas? Thanks. Carol

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