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Blogging 101 – Posting and URL

Posting Schedule

My number one piece of advice for bloggers is to create a schedule and post regularly.  If you want your readers to come back often you need to post by a schedule.  Depending on what type of blog you have you will decide how often to post.

At a minimum you should post 3 times a week.  Some people choose to blog 5-7 days a week.  Frugal bloggers have to post multiple times a day to keep up with the deals.  If you are a frugal blogger I suggest posting on a regular schedule throughout the day.  This is something that we recently started doing and it has made a huge difference for us!  I hope that our readers enjoy too.  Of course if a hot deal comes along we post it immediately.

It is important to schedule posts so that you do not feel pressured to blog when you are busy or have writers block.  You can also create a variety of posts to keep in draft so that when you do get busy or your family needs you, you have something to post.  It is difficult for frugal bloggers to schedule posts out because we are posting about current deals however if you are a Lifestyle blogger, a food blogger, travel blogger or DIY blogger you can easily schedule posts or draft posts to use when you need too.

When it comes to your URL it is really important to purchase your URL.  If you use blogger you can use a free URL that contains however you do not own that URL until you purchase it.  It is very important to create a unique URL that is easy to remember and that is catchy.  If you chose a URL that no one knows what it means then you can create a tag line that explains your URL.   Think about what is going to be googled when you purchase your URL.

If you use blogger you can purchase your URL through blogger for $10.  This removes the out of your URL and changes it to a .com, .net or other choice available.  I suggest searching for available URL’s before you create your blog name.

Often you can purchase your URL through your host.  I purchase all of our URL’s through  You want your URL and blog name to match and you want to own the URL before you launch your site.  I also suggest purchasing variations of and mispellings of your name including a variety of .com, .net and other versions of the URL.  These can all be forwarded to your main URL.  You don’t want someone to purchase your URL and try to piggyback off of your success by pointing a variation of your URL to their site.

More Blogging 101 tips to come!  I hope you are enjoying this series.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate!


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