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Blogging 101 – Facebook


Utilizing social media is very important to blogging success.  I personally think if you don’t understand social media the best place to start is facebook.  By creating a facebook fan page you will be able to spread the word about your blog.  You do not want to use your personal page for your “fan page”.  You need to create an actual “fan page” which is so easy to do.

In fact you go to StockpilingMoms fan page you can click on the link to create your own fan page.  You can also create a group (which we did as well) but a fan page is where you will see growth in your blog.

Facebook is a great tool to grow your readership and spread the word about your blog.  You should add the “like” button to your blog posts.  When a reader “likes” one of your posts it appears on their wall which is a great tool to spread the word of your blog even further.  So if a post is “liked” it helps the blog author.  For example if you “like” this post let me know :-)

Another helpful tip is to tag people in your status updates.  You can simply type @stockpilingmoms and this will then tag the person and not only show up as your status update but it will also appear on the person that you tagged wall.  This is another tool for you to use in “working facebook”.

Other forms of promoting your blog through facebook is by offering giveaways.  However, facebook has changed rules and currently require you to offer only approved giveaways through facebook that require the use the top tabs and facebook approval.  Unapproved facebook giveaways can result in having your page deleted or even worse you being banned from using facebook.  As a result we do not offer or promote any unapproved facebook giveaways.  This includes making it mandatory to change your facebook status update to say a certain thing.

I also suggest naming your facebook group by following the following steps:

Go here: and click the drop down menu to your group. Select available name and once you hit save it is final and not able to be changed.

We created our facebook fan page the first week of January 2010 and it has been a huge source of growth for us.  In fact if you haven’t “liked” us yet we would welcome too :-)



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    Thanks for the tips. I wish I could find an article like this when I created my fan page. There are still quite a lot I don’t know about the power of FB. I just started to notice the advantages of using tags.

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    Thank you so much for all the information you have on the site. I just started my blog and set up my facebook page not long after. I am on a mission to find as much info as possible about the power of a facebook fan page and this post helped.

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