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Blogging 101 – Twitter

Blogging 101 - Is Twitter Important

If you want to really utilize social media I suggest you create a twitter account.  Twitter can overwhelming when you don’t understand it.  I think of twitter as a way to have a open conversation with someone and it doesn’t have to be instant.  It may be hours later or even days later and you can continue the conversation.

For example, if I want have a public conversation with someone on twitter I can use their “handle”.  For example mine is @stockpilingmoms.  So if I want to talk to someone I would say @stockpilingmoms How are you today?  If I want have a private conversation with someone I would send them a direct message @ their name.  In order to send a direct message the twitter user must be following you.

You can also set up your facebook page or blog to automatically “tweet” your posts.  This is very handy and a useful way to kill two birds with one stone.  However, there are some tweets that you may want to address to a particular audience.  If I want to be sure that a certain audience sees the tweet then you would want to use a hashtage #.  For instance if I do a post on Country Bobs Sauce I may want to tweet @CountryBobs at the beginning of the post or #CountryBobs after the post.  Either one will allow you to find the post by searching on twitter.  This also allows anyone searching for the user to find your post!

I would also suggest downloading either TweetDeck or UberTwitter on your mobile phone.  It is a great tool and since I downloaded it I have to say it has made a HUGE difference in my love of  using Twitter, especially knowing when someone having a conversation with me.  I find that I use UberTwitter to utilize twitter much more than logging into twitter.  If you have twitter on your phone you can use it when you are “on the go” and have time on your hands.

Finally, you can Re-Tweet (RT) others posts.  This is a huge tool in growing your audience on twitter.  If you RT a post then your audience is going to see the original post.  It is a very useful tool and I would suggest forming a RT group.  If for example several bloggers partnered together to RT each others posts it is going to expand the audience.  You can also include # when you RT which a way to stretch the audience even further. I always think it is nice if someone RT my post that I will RT one for them.

You can also attend twitter parties or twitter chats to help grow followers.  I like to spend 10-15 minutes a day responding to tweets and re-tweeting.

If you use twitter please link yourself here!  I would love to follow you and hope you would also follow us @StockpilingMoms



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    I’m enjoying this series as well. A note about @ someone at the beginning of the post, only that person and anyone else following you and that person will you see that post. So if you want all of my followers to see that post, don’t put the @ at the beginning. Such as “.@StockpilingMoms is giving away a wonderful prize”, etc or “I’m so happy @StockpilingMoms is giving away a special prize” so that ALL of my followers see this post.

  2. says

    Julie I didn’t know that about @! Learning more about Twitter all the time. While it’s simple to use, to make the most of it requires effort IMHO.

  3. says

    Still reading…looks like I did Twitter right but my Facebook Fan Page is not coming up unless I login to my Facebook account. Any ideas?

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