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Blogging 101 – Creating Your Mission Statement

Creating Your Mission Statement

I have decided to write a series on Blogging 101.  Let me first of all state that I am not a “blogging expert”.  I have been blogging however since 2008 so with that being said I do feel like I know “something” about blogging.  I started blogging personally in February, 2008 after my mother started her blog.  She “nudged” me into the blogging world so that she could keep up with my son and our activities.  I still blog personally however in 2009 I made the decision to make my personal blog private.

In April, 2008 I also created a blog for my then jewelry business.  I enjoyed blogging about the “stories behind” my designs and in July 2009  I made the decision to close my jewelry business and focus my efforts on saving money. was born.  This was a private blog for friends and family that I did for fun.  In mid November 2009 I asked my best friend Shelley to join me and this is when as you know it today was born.  Together, we scour the net to find you the deals.  We co-own the blog.

Before you create a blog you need to determine what type of blog you are going to create.  In essence you need to create your MISSION for your blog.  If a blog doesn’t have focus then readers are not going to understand the direction and they won’t return.  There are many types of blogs that you can create.  I find the more specified your mission the better.

Example Blog Topics Include:

Personal, Foodie/Recipe, Mommy, Review/Giveaway, Photography, Weight Loss, DIY, Crafting, Frugal and Business blogs just to name a few.  The sky is truly the limit when it comes to creating a blog.

My suggestion is to find what you are passionate about and turn that into your blog.   Also, let me add that there is no reason to limit yourself to only one blog!  Most bloggers have multiple blogs, however they are each with their own specific focus or mission.

There is much more to come in this blogging series and I hope you find it useful!  If there is anything in particular you are interested in knowing please ask!



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