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Bzz Agent Freebies

BzzAgent Badge

It is frugal Friday!  If you have not signed up for then I suggest you sign up for it! It is a word of mouth marketing and media company. It is a great source of FREE products and coupons! You can sign up for campaigns where you get FREE product to try out.  After you try the product you “Bzz” your friends and family through email, in person, on facebook/twitter or any other method you have available to you.   You are asked to submit two Bzz Reports for each campaign as well as complete a follow up survey.

You can also earn points for by completing surveys.  It is an easy way to earn points and more free stuff!  I have participated in many campaigns and received hundreds of dollars in free merchandise.  If you are interested click on my link above and sign up! You have nothing to lose and only the possibility of freebies to gain! :-)

Are you a Bzz Agent?  If not what are you waiting on?

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