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Reusing Fabric Softener Sheets

Reusing Fabric Softener Sheets is a great way to save money! Not only that but you can also use fresh softener sheets too!

Melinda takes used Fabric Softener sheets and use them in replace of Swiffer dry cloths. She keeps a basket above her dryer to keep them in.  She says they are also good for dusting and baseboards.

I decided to put this tip to action and I have to agree with her.  Not only am I reusing the dryer sheets they were free to me because I used my Snuggle Coupon and got them FREE from family dollar so this is a fabulous money saving tip!

I have also heard of using a rag and washing it instead of buying swiffer refills.

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  1. says

    I cut my dryer sheets in half. Even on big loads I haven’t had any problems with static. It makes the box last twice as long. I haven’t bought dryer sheets in over two years.

  2. j says

    I’ve used dryer sheets to wipe off my computer monitor or TV, then if they aren’t too dirty, :) for my dryer as well. :)

  3. jessica says

    Dryer sheets also remove crayon off led/plasma screens without scratching surface. Had to find out the hard way!

  4. Jenn says

    U can use dryer sheets as mosquito repellant. Just rub a dryer sheet on exposed skin & the Mosquitos stay away. Also, u can put a dryer sheet in ur vacuum to make ur house smell fresh while vacuuming.

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