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Frugal Garden Update

As you know we planted a frugal garden this year!  This is our second year and we are really enjoying watching our garden grow.  As you can see we are having lots of growth!  Our corn is coming on and since this is our first year for corn that is exciting!

We did have a set back with our carrots which was disappointing…something or should I say “some-bunny” ate them…they were there one day and gone the next so I would think a visitor or ten came through and enjoyed them.  We have replanted but haven’t seen anything come up yet.  We are thinking of planting round 3.

As you know we are gardening organically this year.  We are not using pesticides and we are using natural methods to keep unwanted “pests” away.  I read to use one drop of dish detergent in a spray bottle filled with water to keep unwanted pests and bugs away so I am going to try that on my peppers who look like they need a little help.  I did spray an organic spray after the bunnies had a feast of my carrots.

So far we are working hard to weed and water when necessary, which has only been a couple of times since we planted!  We have blooming squash, cucumbers lots and lots of green tomatoes coming on!  We also have two big hills of potatoes that are growing nicely.  I think we are most anxious about our peppers and corn though since those are new to us :-)  Do you have a garden?  I am excited to hear how your garden is progressing too!

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  1. Shannon says

    To keep animals out of your garden get some human hair from your local beauty shop and spread around the perimeter, not only organic but also free. The human scent repels wild animals.

  2. Aleemah says

    I also started a garden this year. I have had a ton of squash come in. My cucumbers and green peppers are in but with yhe peppers I’m tryibg to make mysekf wait so they will turn yellow but it is hard not to pick them. my tomatoes are in but are green. I have only seen 3 red ones so far. The watermelon is growing slowly I had to cover them with crates cause the crows keep eating everything. And last but not least I saw 3 eggplants today. I can’t wait to start planting stuff for the fall!

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