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How to Dispose of Medicine. Going Green!

Prescription Medication can be very harmful for the earth and it is in a way I never realized.  I was a substance abuse counselor for many years and we were taught the best way to dispose of unused, unwanted, or expired medicines was to flush it down the toilet!  Now this has been linked to harming the earth!  The water is then turned to waste water which has been proven to harm plants, fish, and other animals.

How can we prevent this?

  1. Only order medicines you know you are going to use.
  2. Do not discard medicines in the toilet.
  3. Do not pour liquid medicines in the toilet.

So how can you dispose of medicines without worry?

Call your local pharmacy because some pharmacies have recycling programs!  They will take the medicine and dispose of it properly.

Another option is to crush the medications and put them back in the child safe containers.  Continue to do this until the container is full.  Then place the container in a plastic bag and put in the trash.  This is not the greatest method but since the plastic takes forever to degrade it will be less likely to leak into the environment!

If there are any other ideas on disposal, please let us know!  Have a great week!

Information on Medicine in Wastewater came from Going Green!  Other ideas are my own!

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