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Do you use a chore chart for your children?  We don’t use one because we don’t have a problem with our son completing his chores “yet”.  What is funny is that asks for chores however I know that won’t last forever.  I can imagine we will need to implement one at some point.  I recently found MyJobChart which is a free online chore chart.  It was created with principals from leading child psychologists.

When you use the MyJobChart you assign jobs for your child, from homework to yard work to housework, or anything else you can imagine.   What I love is that the jobs are personalized, so you can create the MyJobChart to suit the needs of your family!  You can add jobs into the chart and they are immediately ready to be checked off!

It is very simple to use because your kids log into MyJobChart and immediately see what  they need to do for the day.  If your children are like my son I know logging in to use the computer will be part of the fun!  When they view the chart they can see completed tasks, see motivating notes you leave for them, and plan for rewards.  When kids save up enough points, they redeem them for rewards!  These don’t have to be “monetary” rewards either.  I like rewarding my son with allowing him to select what movie we watch for Family Movie Night or what game we play on Family Game Night.  Other ideas might be earning a reward to Chuck E Cheese or selecting the meal for dinner one night of the week.   Whatever motivates your child, depending on their age.

I have friends who have tried everything from printable chore charts, stickers, magnet charts and posters and I think MyJobChartsounds like a great and FREE alternative to these options.  MyJobChart says that kids get excited when they see their points adding up and want to do more. The chore chart is completely customizable. Your kids will finally be excited to do their chores.

Are you looking for a chore chart?  If so I would love to hear about your success implementing one.  If you have tried or decide to try MyJobChart please let me know your feedback!

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    Thank you for your review and mentioning My Job Chart Melissa. We’re so glad that you and others are finding the program and like the idea. Can’t wait to follow you on twitter for your updates and more cool ideas.

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