Organic, Is it worth it?

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Is Organic worth it?  I have done a lot of research on eating Organically and I feel it is very important that we eat as much of our natural and whole foods from Organic sources.  I personally only use Organic milk and eggs and try to incorporate as much organic meat and dairy that I can afford.  In addition, I raise and Organic garden and I purchase as much organic fruit and vegetables that I can afford.

When you choose organic foods, you can feel assured that you are choosing foods that have been produced without the use of toxic and pesticides, synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, growth hormones, artificial ingredients and preservatives, and genetic engineering.   This is why I choose organic meat and dairy, fruit and vegetables!

For more information read and research at the Organic Trade Association website,

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  1. Organic is always worth it. Healthier for both humans and the environment.

  2. Organic is definitely always worth it! It is more natural and makes me feel healthier

  3. I agree 100% – it is healthier and safe, plus gives me peace of mind

  4. You answered my question I just posted on the other organic blog! Thanks!

  5. Kathie VanDeraa says:

    I also try to buy organic locally, when possible.

  6. I need to buy more organic products. I tend to always focus on the price and trying to save money.

  7. i think of it as an investment into my future self(and that of my family). i’d rather pay for organic foods now than have to pay for cancer treatments later.

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