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Stockpiling 101: What is a Catalina?

What is a Catalina?  Have you heard us mention a CAT or Catalina and wonder if we are talking about our pet or salad dressing?  A CAT or Catalina is a Manufacturer coupon dispensed at the register AFTER a purchase.

Catalina’s are based on a purchase you make.  Sometimes if you purchase a brand you will get a $ off another brand coupon or CAT.  However if you have a qualifying purchase say where you purchase x of a particular brand in the same order you will earn a $ off your next order.  These are called OYNO (On Your Next Order) Catalina’s.

If you work Catalina offers to your favor then often after coupons and Catalina’s earned many times your product is free.  Often the Catalina’s “roll” meaning that when you do one transaction you can use the catalina for a 2nd transaction so you are spending nothing out of pocket.

If you have a problem with a CAT or Catalina not printing correctly you can ask the customer service desk or call their toll free number, (877) 210-1917, option 1.

Most Catalina’s can only be redeemed at the store where the logo is imprinted.  However, you can use competitor manufacturer Catalina’s at Meijer and some at Walmart.  This is awesome because you can use CATS earned at Walgreen’s or Kroger there!

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Stockpiling 101