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Blogging 101 – Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

I wanted to talk about “Pay(ing) it forward” when it comes to blogging.  I have always tried to live my life by The Golden Rule  In blogging there is a belief of Paying It Forward.  It is similar to The Golden Rule only you are not doing something nice to someone who has done something nice to you instead when someone does something nice for you – you then do something nice for someone else.  So when it comes to blogging there are some bloggers who use the phrase “Pay It Forward”.

There are many ways that a blogger can “Pay It Forward“.

  • Maybe they get a coupon, freebie or other special offer and instead of keeping it they give it away to one of their readers.
  • They might donate a percentage of income from their blog to special cause.
  • Offering a featured blogger section on their blog (not for pay).
  • Adding a blog roll where they add blogs that they enjoy reading.
  • Giving a shout out to a newbie blogger on facebook/twitter.
  • Offering guest posts.
  • Introducing new bloggers through a variety of social media.

Truly the sky is the limit when it comes to how you can Pay It Forward.  One thing I know for sure is that it is always better to give than receive and it feels great to Pay It Forward.  Shelley and I truly believe in Paying It Forward.

What is an example of a way that you have chosen to “Pay It Forward” on your blog or if you are not a blogger in “real life”?



  1. says

    The one way I ‘pay it forward’ is by making sure that I always let my readers know if I received a special savings from another blogsite, and make reference to that particular blogsite. I don’t try and pretend that everything I post came directly from my own insight or findings. Which I think is extremely important as a blogger, and a great consideration to others.

  2. Faith says

    I pay it forward in life by…. (Elderly Ministry) I spend my time at the local Nursing Homes and a Personal Care Home for Veterans.(Volunteering) I supply them with there hygiene products because otherwise they would go without. So I fill out any sample form I can find. I clip coupons and I even started a facebook page a few weeks ago to spread the word. People don’t realize that even one bar of soap can make a huge difference. If only people would go through there closets or shelves and donate the items they don’t need. Also donate there leftover travel /hotel items. I’m Faith Smith in Augusta Ga and you can find me on facebook if you’re interested in making a difference today. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  3. says

    I pay it forward in the blogging world by having a blogroll on both of my blogs and also answering blogging/wordpress/facebook questions that pop up on twitter from the people I follow.

    I also pay it forward in real life by volunteering for my local Susan G. Komen for the Cure Affiliate, I’m very passionate about the breast cancer cause. Also, I do other things at work such as hold an annual school supply drive and toy drive for foster children in our area as well as organize regular blood drives at work. I just blogged about the school supply drive recently.

    Great series!!! :)

  4. Debbie says

    I am a new blogger so I don’t know to much about paying it forward. I do pay it forward in life by volunteering in our church, 4H, and community. i am also teaching my children to this as well. Thanks for the great blog.

    • Melissa says

      There are so many ways to pay it forward to other bloggers – like guest posts, linkies, giving thanks…sounds like you know how to do it :-)


  5. Karen says

    Hi~ I’m not a blogger but interested in becoming 1! I pay-it-forward by gathering cat/dog coupons (non-expired) and mail them to a local humane society. The Humane Society appreciate all the help they can get for food/litter coupons. Also, I have donated expired coupons for Soldiers/and their families overseas. Coups for troops.

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