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Blogging 101 – Reviews


If you are going to write Reviews on your blog it is important to keep in mind that PR folks are looking for authentic reviews.  Do not copy and paste a press release that they provide you.  If you are going to include facts and statistics it is sometimes necessary to use those word for word so that they are legitimate however you should not copy and past an entire press release as a review that you wrote.

In addition to product reviews there are also recipe reviews, book reviews, restaurant reviews.  The sky is the limit when it comes to what you CAN review on your blog.  We choose to limit our product reviews to family friendly reviews.

Reviews need to be authentic.  You should share you opinion of the product. In order to properly review a product you must use it.  In my opinion you can not properly review a product from a picture.  Without using the product you are not truly able to write a thorough and detailed review.

Writing reviews take time and if you find that you are good at it you may find that you become overwhelmed with product review offers.  Make a decision of what direction you want your blog to go in because if you are not careful you may find that you writing product reviews all day long.  When we started our blog we did not plan to include product reviews.  We found that not only do we like doing them that it brings interesting content to our readers.  However, we do limit how many reviews that we will do monthly and have guidelines for our reviews.

Reviews should be limited to no more than 400 words.  You are being too “wordy” if you use more than 400 words to write a review.  Remember your audience when you write a review.  It needs to be clear and concise.  A review is an honest opinion piece.  Even though I am giving an honest opinion I am still careful in how I write a review of a product as to not “hurt” feelings.  I can do this and still be honest.

Be sure to include key content and any specific information when it comes to reviews.  This is going back to SEO.  You want to include as many keywords as possible.  Remember that writing a review is NOT consulting and should not be included as such in your Media Kit.  Do you write reviews on your blog?

Also it is important to disclose that you were compensated or received a free product when you complete a review.



  1. Christi says

    I’ve been blogging for 8 months now and have only been able to secure 4 reviews/giveaways for my blog. How do you recommend getting connected with products to review?

    • Melissa says


      You should sign up for Mom Select and My Blog Spark on my sidebar. I blogged about PR opportunities in my Blogging 101. Check that post out too!

      • Christi says

        Thanks Melissa…I’m actually already signed up with them…perhaps I’m just not “big enough” to get their attention :)!

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