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Blogging 101 – SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is KEY to blogging!  I will just start out by stating that I AM NO EXPERT in SEO however I have done some research and will share with you what I know from that research and attending Camp Blogaway.

It is important to write post titles that explain what an entry is about.  Search engines look for content and keywords relevant to your subject.  In addition you want your readers to know what your post is about – which is why it is key to explain that to them in your post title.

You should not create “catchy” post titles if they do not contain content.  An example of a poor post title is: Yum, Yum in your tummy…  Instead use:  Delicious Berry Pie.  If a reader sees “Yum, Yum in your tummy” they have no idea what that post is about however if they see “Delicious Berry Pie”, they know that the post is a Delicious Berry Pie Recipe.  In addition to your readers knowing what the subject is search engines do too.  It is a key piece to the puzzle to write post titles that explain what an entry is about.

In fact I try to use the post title key words in my first or second sentence as this is what is used for your Meta Description if left blank.  By using the content words from your post title again in your first or second sentence the search engine’s are  able to locate your content which helps you!

It is also important to include back links in your posts to increase traffic and page rank.  Search engines are looking for content and keywords.  You can increase traffic with back links.  An example of a back link is to do a post for a coupon with a link to a recipe that you posted that uses that ingredient.

If you are using Word Press (and if you are not NOW is the time to make the change) you will be excited to know that Word Press has built in SEO!  After we migrated this made a huge difference in our page rank and SEO.

  • You can include a Custom Title Tag for each post – By default, Thesis uses the title of your post as the contents of the <title> tag. You can override this and further extend your on-page SEO by entering your own <title> tag.
  • You can include a Meta Description for each post – Entering a <meta> description is just one more thing you can do to seize an on-page SEO opportunity. Keep in mind that a good <meta> description is both informative and concise.
  • You can include Meta Keywords for each post – Like the <meta> description, <meta> keywords are yet another on-page SEO opportunity. Enter a few keywords that are relevant to your article, but don’t go crazy here—just a few should suffice.

In addition you can file by category and include post tags for each post which can not only help your readers but also your SEO.

By simply making the switch to Word Press and implementing some simple SEO changes you will find a difference in your page rank which will also reflect in your traffic.



  1. says

    I know. I know. I know I should switch but I tried the free version and was so lost. I’ll give it some more thought.

    I stopped trying to make funny titles and just titled it with what the post was about. Well except for the posts that my weight loss or something similar. I don’t think anyone is searching for that…I hope not!

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