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Leap Frog Coupons – HOT!

UPDATE: I should have read the fine print.  They have changed the Tag Book Coupon and it is off of a $9.99 tag book. Boo :-(  So the best you will do with this coupon is $6.99.  The leapster game is off any and I found these clearanced last year to $14.99.

There are two new leap frog coupons available to print.  Print these now and hold onto them as I suspect to see clearance items that we will be able to match these too again this year!  They expire on 8/31/10 and are valid on any game/book!

Save $5 on any leapster game.

Save $3 on any tag book, over $9.99.



  1. Carrie says

    With the Tag books, I know you mentioned you got some for $.99 last year…I see these q’s say on books of $9.99 value and higher. Did that terminology change from last year?

  2. Jacque B. says

    These aren’t like the ones from last year, even from earlier this year. They are only for the books priced $9.99 and up. Not a great deal if you ask me. :(

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