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Packing the Perfect and Frugal Picnic

I wanted to share with you some tips for packing the perfect and frugal picnic. Right now we are taking lots of picnics and not only is it fun but it is an economical way to enjoy lunch while we are on the go. Here are a few tips that will help you too.

1. Be sure to pack plenty of beverages. When are you out for a day in the summer heat is especially important to stay hydrated. I do not suggest freezing plastic bottles if you plan to drink them because of the breakdown of the plastic in the water. Instead I freeze juice boxes/pouches and let them do double-duty as ice packs and a drink.  I also freeze 2 bottles of water and we use that to wash our hands or cool off during out time out on the go (however we do not drink that water).

2. Pack plenty of snacks. When we are on the go or planning a picnic I pack lots of individual snacks. I pack fruit snacks and place them directly in the cooler by the frozen beverages. My son love to eat them when they are cold and if you don’t they melt quickly from the heat. I also like to freeze grapes and then they remain cold for snack time. I avoid chocolate snacks and opt for nuts or trail mix, bananas and crackers. I also find that if I freeze cheese cubes they do better than just from the refrigerator.  If I want to pack a dessert I find brownies do pack well.

3.  Packing a protein. When it comes to packing a protein I suggest the standard PB&J.  It is best to be safe when it comes to refrigeration and with PB&J you don’t have to worry!  I also will often freeze our sandwiches if I know we are going to have Deli Meat or a lunchable.  If you do this your food will stay cool and by the time you are ready to eat it has softened up.  I don’t find that it gets soggy either :-).

4.  Pack your accessories.  Don’t forget to bring along cups, plates, plastic wear, napkins, hand sanitizers, baby wipes, paper towels, bug repellent, sunscreen and of course a big blanket to picnic on!

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