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Stockpiling 101 | Organizing Your Coupons

It can be very overwhelming when you start stockpiling. I often get asked how I organize my coupons. Organization – is the most important part to stockpiling success (however you are talking to an organization nut here). If you are unorganized then you are simply not going to be able to save as much money because you won’t be able to find your coupons to cash in on the deals.

I use the binder method filled with baseball card inserts. In particular I use the Coupon Clutch. I personally love this method because I can easily scan through and see very quickly what coupons I have available when I am matching and when I am shopping in the stores. I personally clip all the coupons from the inserts that I will possibly ever use (not the ones I would never use…for example pet food as we don’t have pets). The reason I clip all of my coupons is because though I may not buy a particular brand or item “normally” I would buy it if I find it free or near free.

I have my coupons divided into categories that make sense to me and I suggest you do the same. I personally have them divided by: Baking, Beverages, Breakfast, Canned, Dairy, Drugs, Frozen Foods, Heath and Beauty, Household, Fruits/Veggies, Meat, Organic, Other, Rebates and Store.

I use the Coupon Clutch because it closes shut, I can carry it on my shoulder and it is stylish… I find this the easiest way to be able to carry my coupons, shop and keep organized (plus I have dropped my binder several times in the check out process and this has become a huge life saver). I use two 3 hole zipped pouches at the front of my binder. One holds my “hot coupons” ” and the other holds my restaurant coupons. Also in my binder, I keep a calculator, small pair of scissors and the current weekly sales ads.

If you don’t clip all the coupons from the inserts it is important to keep and file the inserts (or what is left after you clip them). A helpful tip to know is that the date and name is printed in very fine print on the outside of each insert cover.

Being organized will take time in the beginning however once you are organized it will end up saving you money in the end! I also want to add that I NEVER leave home without my binder. I take it with me in the van every time I leave the house. The one big tip I can give you is if you don’t have all of your coupons with you then you won’t be able to save money when you run across a great deal!

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  1. says

    I read & commented on your “Stockpiling 101: Organizing Coupons”.
    I love the idea of the coupon clutch. I have dropped my coupons everywhere before & it was AWFUL!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win…:o)

  2. kim says

    I love the idea of the coupon clutch!! Now to have one myself!! LOL I have enjoyed reading this article. Great stuff here!