Stockpiling 101 | Cincinnati Enquirer Deal

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We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with the Cincinnati Enquirer to bring our local readers a fabulous paper deal!

Option 1
Sunday Only home delivery for $0.99 a week for six months

Enquirer readers saved over $9,000 in coupons in 2010

Option 2 – Exclusive for Stockpiling Moms Readers
Weekend home delivery (Fri-Sun) for $1.99 a week for a year

Includes the same great coupons on Sunday, the Entertainment section on Friday that features deals, discounts, and information about free, fun family events around town, and get ideas and inspiration for home design, landscape and gardening in our HOME & STYLE section on Saturdays.

You do have to be in the Enquirer delivery area for the deal. This offer can be purchased in any quantity, up to 9 (per household). We suggest purchasing in increments of two to take advantage of buy one get one free sales. Not only is this a great deal it saves you time in going the store each week!

This offer is for NEW subscribers only. Visit www.Cincinnati.Com/stockpilingmoms to purchase! You can NOT call for this deal, you must go through the link. If you don’t get your papers don’t call as they don’t have access to our deal. It is an online deal only.

If you have a delivery problem with your subscription please email the Enquirer at to follow up after you have placed your order. You should receive an email confirmation after placing your order.

You can print more COUPONS and visit our FREE Coupon Database.

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