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Stockpiling 101 | Bar Codes and Correct Use

If a coupon’s bar code starts out with a “5” it will MOST ALWAYS double, if you are using it at a store that doubles coupons even if it states DO NOT DOUBLE. However if a coupon’s bar code starts with a “9” it will not double unless the cashier forces it too.  We are finding now that many stores will NOT double a coupon if it says DO NOT DOUBLE including Meijer and some Kroger’s.

It is very important that when you use a coupon that you use it correctly.  Coupon use should be based on the wording not what is pictured.  If you are trying to use a coupon for another product than what is worded that is coupon fraud.  The store will not be reimbursed for that item that is not legal.  It not only hurts “us” as coupers but it also hurts the store.

If a coupon says $1/2 then you must purchase 2 items.  If it says $1 off 32 oz. bottle then it must be at least a 32 oz sized bottle.  However, if the coupon says off any ONE then you may strategically use that coupon on ANY product.  At that point we suggest using it on the smallest size available including a travel or sample size if available.

It is very important that you don’t use a coupon on a product that is not included in the wording even if that product is the same brand.

I hope this clears up any questions that you might have and if you have additional questions just leave a comment here :-)



  1. says

    Regarding your insite:
    “If a coupon’s bar code starts out with a “5” it will MOST ALWAYS double, if you are using it at a store that doubles coupons even if it states DO NOT DOUBLE.”
    I just returned from Kroger in Southaven, MS and their compur did not double my online printed coupons; but when I used coupons like $1/2 and $.75/1 on the same cereal; it worked for me this time. I spent $93+ and saved $41+; asaving of 46%! I am thrilled with this. Last week I saved 62%. God is so good…
    Thanking ya’ll for all the saving you have brought my way!

  2. Mary says

    I have had cashiers not double my coupons even though it did automatically and started with a 5. They took the double amount off. I don’t think that is right if the register is doing it automatically how can it be wrong to double it. What do you think do they really have the right to change something the register automatically is doing.

    • Melissa says

      Where was this? The only reason they would is if the store does not allow overage? Most stores automatically do that and not manually…

  3. Mozella says

    Can you tell me on q’s like the Schick $2/1 except 2ct. from 9/13 ss does that mean I can use that q on any Schick disposables or does it have to be the ones pictured? Here in MS. @ Wmart they have some Schick disp. for $1.97.

  4. Heather Pfingsten says

    This is an important article because stores are starting to crack down on coupon fraud. This freaks me out a little… in my opinion, if someone is going out trying to scam the system…then that isn’t okay. If someone really makes an honest mistake, that is a different story.

    The longer one coupons the more knowledge they will obtain on how to do so. I made “rookie” stakes in the beginning that I wouldn’t make now but it is all part of the learning curve.

    As stores become better acquainted with couponers remember there are good couponers and bad… stores have to deal with both and unfortunately the bad tend to give us all a bad name. Be sure to read the text on the coupon so you are following the rules!

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