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Stockpiling 101 – Checking Out – Make Sure Your Hard Work Pays Off

Checking Out  Make Sure Your Hard Work Pays Off
After you have spent your time clipping, organizing, matching and shopping be sure that all your hard work pays off.  My suggestion is to always have an idea of what you think your total will be before checking out.  Prior to checking out I always count how many coupons I am using so that I know if they are all scanned.  It is extremely important to pay attention during your checkout.  I watch as each item is scanned to be sure that it is the correct price and as every coupon is scanned to see that it is removed from my total (and doubles if applicable).

What I have found (the hard way) is that if you are not very aware during check out than all of your hard work may be for nothing.  Often a cashier can look like the coupons are being used when they may not.  I have found that in particular when you are using a large number of coupons that they may stick together or a cashier may skip some.  Also, if a coupon beeps then the cashier will have to manually enter or override it and often they don’t.

As a final check after I get home I go through and mark where I got each coupon taken off my receipt as well as to double check that I got the correct prices for sale items.  I also keep and file every receipt so that if I find a rebate I am able to submit it for additional savings!

It is easy to get distracted when shopping with a child or when someone strikes up a conversation during your checkout.  I recently had an experience where the lady checking out behind me started a conversation and I was not paying attention to the cashier.  As a result I ended up not saving $18.00 from the sale.  Had I immediately gone to the customer service desk I would have been able to get my savings back however I was in a rush to pick up my son so I decided to deal with it later.  I had $14.00 in Meijer Mealbox Coupons not come off my total and $4.00 in Manufacturer Coupons.  This made a HUGE difference on my savings.  I ended up taking my items and receipts back and got $14.00 in cash back for the Meijer Mealbox Coupons because they scanned so I had proof.  As for the $4.00 in manufacturer coupons there was no way to prove that they had been used so I lost that $4.00 in savings.

I learned the hard way to pay attention during checkout!




  1. Morgan says

    Great series! I would love some info on how you pick and choose what to stock pile. I know that every family has different needs, but just basic guidelines. For example I stopped stock piling salad dressing because it has a shorter shelf life than I expected. I’m finding that certain items are at stock up prices much for frequently than others (like pastsa and toothpaste!) and some items are once a year it seems. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

  2. renae says

    another idea i like to do (especially at stores where i have coupon issues) is to put my initials or some similiar on every coupon that i used. that way they are easy to pull from the register should i have any issues

  3. Marie says

    I try to keep track of the items the cashier scans and my coupons, but sometimes I find that I can’t do this and pack my groceries at the same time, because then I am holding up the line behind me. I might try using the self check-out again.

  4. Lindsey says

    I treat my coupons like cash. I never ever hand over an entire stack of coupons all at one time. I wouldn’t hand over my wallet without paying close attention, so I don’t do it with coupons either. I sometimes get strange looks from cashiers for handing coupons over one at a time, but I’m often able to turn around their foul mood with a candy bar I purchase for them. Bought with a coupon, of course.

  5. says

    I watch my coupons like a hawk!! I watch as the cashier scans each one. I make sure she manually puts in the ones that beep. I have found many times items don’t ring up for the price they are marked on the shelves also so you really have to watch the entire process of items being rang up too. Gotta save all I can and can’t afford mistakes.

  6. Heather Pfingsten says

    The Kroger near me will not do manual overrides on coupons anymore… even if it is a coupon that I got out of the newspaper vs. a print coupon. That is just their policy (too many couponers in my area). It is extremely important to keep an eye on everything at the store. Like everyone else, there have been times when my coupon didn’t scan, a coupon was missed, or a product didn’t ring up for the advertised price.

    I try to make sure my husband or I shop alone so our 3 year old doesn’t distract us… I know not everyone has this luxury but I am thankful that I do.

  7. Angela says

    I am new to couponing and I have to say adding your initials to the coupons is genius! Thank you so much for the great tips!

  8. says

    I’ve learned the hard way, too, mostly because of distractions. Now I check my receipt and coupon list before I leave the store. I never thought about putting my initials on coupons, though.

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