Meijer MPerks Program | $5 off a $5 purchase coupon!

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Meijer has launched a new program called MPerks!  I am very excited about this as it is a new Digital Coupon program!  Create an account for free by signing up with your cell phone.  You will get a text to confirm your subscription and then you will be able to load coupons directly linked to your cell phone number.

There is nothing to swipe just enter your cell phone number at the checkout on the keypad and your coupons will immediately come off.  The great news is that they have a $5.00 off any $5.00 purchase right now just for signing up!

There is a also a $.25, $.50, $.75, $1, $2, $3 and $4 coupon!   They all expire on 10/31/10.  There are also a variety of additional coupons available including Meijer products and brand names.  What I notice is that it does restrict the Meijer coupons from being “stacked” with other Meijer offers I am wondering if that includes Meijer MealBox Coupons.

In just a minutes time I signed up and loaded my coupons.  Remember that text messaging charges will apply if applicable.  However after you sign up you are loading coupons linked directly to your cell phone number not to a shoppers card.

I just went to Meijer and because I was using Meijer MealBox Coupons the $5 off $5 purchase did not work however the customer service desk could not figure out why.  This is a BRAND NEW program that Meijer did a test run with for the past several months with their employees only.  Whenever a new program launches it always takes a while to figure it out.  The customer service desk and manager were very nice and even went ahead and gave me my $5 off via cash however after reading the fine print once i got home I think I can now see why it didn’t work.

How cool is this???

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  1. Hi just tried signing up and got signed up but did not get $5.00 coupon. I called Meijer helpdesk and customer service rep Bill said not available to public at this time and told me to resign up on Aug 29th. Informed him it was on their website and he just said sorry its not for public yet.

  2. Went back into acoount now coupon is there………

  3. I went to Meijer’s tonight, and tried to enter my mperks number into the system, and it didn’t come off my balance. Took my receipt up to customer service, and after a few minutes of computer issues they handed me a crisp $5 bill. I ended up getting $76 worth of groceries for $21.

    • Did you use any Meijer Mealbox coupons? I am wondering if that is why? I used some and mine didn’t come off either.

      • I did use the Mott’s MM coupon. I don’t know what happened either. I’m sure glad they had great customer service though!

        @Amber – I got that same message, as well as the number you entered has not been enrolled when I tried again.

  4. I signed up & went to Meijer yesterday. I bought printer ink & a bag of cat food. I used 1 manuf coupon & 1 Meijer store coupon (not mealbox) for the cat food & got the $5.00 mperk deducted from my total.

    I wonder if it’s only the mealbox coupons causing the problem.

    I don’t know why the Meijer customer service reps say this doesn’t start until the 29th when several of the coupons (incl the $5.00 sign up coupon) expire on the 28th.

    • The customer service rep and Store manager told me today the program has already started.

      I think like with any new program it is just going to take a while get the kinks out.

      Glad yours came off!

  5. I too have not been able to have the $5.00 deducted off of my account. Unfortunately, Customer Service said they could do nothing about it. I have emailed mperks but haven’t heard anything back. I had not rang in any of my coupons yet, so I don’t think it had anything to do with if I used a mealbox. In fact, when I entered my phone number it said “no promotions are associated with this account” :-( I hope they get it fixed – I really want to use that extra $5!!

  6. Thank you!!! Meijer is our main grocery store, and I had not heard of this new program until reading it here. Thank you!

    Upon signing up, I also did not see the $5 coupon. Did it automatically show on your coupon list, or was it one you had to “clip”?

  7. I just used it for the first time yesterday. There was a $2 auto q that I signed up for and I also got .50 off Meijer frozen veg. Since it was a ‘first time,’ I bought one of the $1 bags of corn. Nothing wrong with having a 50 cent bag of corn in the freezer, right? It all worked better than I expected.

  8. Do you know if these “coupons” can be stacked with a regular manufacturers coupon? We are new to this area and haven’t really gotten the hang of using coupons at Meijer or Kroger. For 5 years we lived in Alaska and shopped at Fred Meyers when we made the 1 hr trip to town, otherwise we ordered stuff from a co-op that delivered twice a year.

  9. Thank you for the link to signing up. There’s a $2 for signing up that I received. :) We shop at Meijer for almost everything! I love this! I haven’t tried using my coupons from my cell yet. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks agian!

  10. Is this through regular text or do you have to have a smart phone?

    • Victoria Guest says:

      I signed up tonight and rec’d a $2 off Q :( I don’t have a smart phone just reg. texting. You can only combine either a meal box and manufacture coupon or Mperks and manufacture coupon. That how I’m reading their policy. Excited to try it out soon!!! Thanks for the link.

  11. Donna Mollaun says:

    I hate it that Meijer makes us use our cell phones. Why don’t they allow Internet printing?

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