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Stockpiling 101 | Rainchecks

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We can’t count the number of times we have gone to the store to find out that the “hot item” we wanted was out of stock. With the large number of couponers out shopping (and that number is increasing daily:-) utilizing rainchecks are a very useful tool.

A raincheck is like a coupon in that it will allow you to purchase the out of stock item at a later date for the sale price. By asking for a raincheck you are able to “get in” on the sale after the store restocks the item, even if that is after the sale has ended.

Depending on what store you are requesting a raincheck from the process will vary. Some employees will actually check inventory to be sure that they are “really out of stock”. Others will ask to see the ad with the price printed so they can verify and some just take your word for it. It also varies upon store as to where you will request a raincheck. At Kroger you request rainchecks at the service desk and they are handwritten. At Meijer they are printed on receipt paper and can be requested at checkout or the service desk. At CVS they can be requested at checkout and are handwritten. At Target they are requested at the service desk. At Walgreens they are requested at checkout.

By asking for and using rainchecks you can actually do better than without them. We often “hope” for an item to be out of stock as it extends the sale price and allows you the opportunity to purchase additional coupons (if you want). The only time I am not “hoping for” a raincheck is when I have coupon that is expiring and then a raincheck won’t benefit me without being able to match it to my coupon. If I am hoping for a raincheck I often go at the end of the sale in hopes to get one.

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  1. Heather Pfingsten says

    I have mixed feelings about rainchecks. I like the fact that it extends the sale and allows me the opportunity to acquire additional coupons; however, it is a pain when you are attempting to utilize a coupon and they have set rules how many similar coupons can be used at once.

    I have to admit… Smart Balance Butter was on sale at Meijer last week. We didn’t get to the store until Saturday afternoon and of course, the butter was sold out (it was free with the coupon). We had 33 coupons (we donate and stockpile)… and I was super excited to get 33 butters yesterday. Instead, I had to have 6 people (including my husband and me) go up and get us a raincheck so we can get the butter at a later time. Overall, I am happy that we got the raincheck but it was a pain in the booty to say the least.

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