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Stockpiling Saturday – WHY I Stockpile!

I was thinking about Stockpiling Saturday this week and I have a lot of people ask why I stockpile?  So I decided I would make this Stockpiling Saturday very personal!

I have always been a couponer but had never taken it to the next level until my first son was born.  Both of my sons were born in Guatemala.  With my first son I knew I wanted to stay home but was not really sure how I was going to do it!  So I started couponing pretty hardcore and saving every dime I could to pay for our process. The time came to pick our son up and I was still battling with “What am I going to do?”  Working part time was an option.

We were OFF to Guatemala to pick him up!  We were there two days when we received a phone call, the United States would not issue his VISA and we would have to go home and file more paperwork.  What happened??  The VISA Paperwork sat on someones desk over the holiday weekend and expired!!!  It was heartbreaking!!  So with that being said I came home an absolute mess and decided we are working this out because I do not want to  leave him again!  Finally after 1 month and lots of help from our State Representative Jim Bunning, our son was home!

My youngest son was an absolute breeze!  That is good because I could not handle anything but!  My husband and I took a look at what we went through to have our children, infertility, 2 failed domestic adoptions, and then two beautiful boys born in Guatemala!  (From Kentucky, as my oldest would say!)  This all happened to show me my place was at home with them.

Now to Stockpiling!  What do I stockpile for my kids?  Take in the fact I am not that “Crunchy.”

  1. Fruit Cups
  2. Cereal
  3. Peanut Butter
  4. Fruit Snacks
  5. Canned Chili (my oldest would eat Cincinnati Chili everyday if I let him)
  6. Frozen Vegetables
  7. Tooth Paste and Tooth Brushes
  8. Wipes (Always be on the lookout for the $2.00 Pampers wipe coupons.  They are FREE at Wal-Mart and several other places)
  9. Tide Sticks and Wipes
  10. Orange Juice

There is so much more but these are the ones I really look for.  I also stockpile Children’s Samples.  Such as little vitamin packs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, coloring pages, stickers, diapers, pullups, and much more.  These things you can take with you easily.  I always have a couple of sample pullups in the car just in case.

Hope you enjoyed this Stockpiling Saturday!!  This is WHY I stockpile!

If you have any thing you would like to see on Stockpiling Saturday please email us!!!



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