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Thursday Recipe Spree

We are excited to introduce a new feature on Stockpiling Moms. We are introducing our first Meme – Thursday Recipe Spree.  As you know we LOVE to cook and enjoying sharing recipes with you!  This is a great opportunity for all bloggers to link their recipes weekly so that we can all enjoy recipe hopping from one recipe to the next.  There is no requirement that you post a frugal recipe.  By participating in a Meme bloggers can gain traffic and by recipe hopping we can all find new recipes to enjoy.  We hope you enjoy our Thursday Recipe Spree.

Here are the rules:

  1. Thursday Recipe Spree is open to anyone with a blog who wants to join us by linking up to a recipe posted on their blog.  However, it is open to anyone who wants to find new recipes by joining in the hop.
  2. In order to make recipe hopping as easy as possible please link to your actual recipe not your home page.
  3. When adding your name to the linky please be sure to keep it tidy.  Here is an example: Stockpiling Moms (Broccoli Casserole) not like this: StockpilingMoms(Broccolicasserole).  You can also include a category for example – frugal, gluten free, low-fat.
  4. You are not required to use our Thursday Recipe Spree banner however you are more than welcome to include it by right clicking it, saving it and uploading it to your post or you can grab the code from our right sidebar.   We do request that you don’t create your own banner.  We encourage you to include photos of your recipe in addition to using our banner.
  5. We do request that you mention Stockpiling Moms Thursday Recipe Spree in your post and link back to Thursday Recipe Spree.
  6. We do request that you don’t host your own linky when participating in our Thursday Recipe Spree.
  7. We will post our linky by 1:00 am ET on Thursday morning.

Here is our recipe this week.  Hope you enjoy and thanks for participating!

Cowboy Beans:

2 lb. Browned, ground chuck
1 can Great Northern beans
1 can pork and beans
1 can red kidney beans
1 onion, chopped
1 cup barbecue sauce
1 green pepper, chopped (opt.)

Mix all ingredients, except barbecue sauce. Put mixture in crock pot.
Put barbecue sauce on top of bean mixture. Don’t stir!!
Cook on low for 2 hours; then on high for 1 hour.

Thanks to my Mother-in-Law for sharing this recipe with me.  It is a family favorite at the 4th of July.



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