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If you are like me you are always looking for a way to get rid of your “stuff” and get “more stuff”.  I want to introduce you to  It was launched about a year ago and has been growing fast!  The best way to describe it is “Ebay for Free Stuff”.  You list items in an auction format like Ebay but other users bid on the items using a virtual currency called “credits” instead of cash.

So basically, everyone is giving away their stuff to the person who bids the most.  In return you get to keep the credits  which you can use to bid on “more stuff”.  Not only is it fun but it helps out people in the process.  Users can get “stuff” they wouldn’t be able to pay for, and users can get rid of clutter and things they no longer need at the same time.  What I like is that it is a frugal and green way to shop/sell!

You could give way anything from clothing, books, DVD’s or anything around the house you no longer need/want and then use credits to bid on something you really want like a new Xbox 360 or laptop!  They have even had people get flatscreen TV’s.  Also, lots of users use the system to give away baseball cards they no longer want and use the credits to get cards they really want.  A great way to afford the things you want!

This is not a huge corporate site but a 4 person team working hard to become the next version of Ebay!  They like helping users save money and helping the environment at the same time!

Listia was just name to the top 100 web sites on 2010 by PCWorld.  It’s fun, free and eco-friendly!

You can also find Listia on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you used Listia?  I would love to know what you think!



    • Sophia says

      Hey Alice,

      Don’t let it go to your head when you start selling things esp if you offer free shipping….that comes out of pocket.

      Set up a paypal account so when you start auctioning stuff if you don’t want to offer free shipping you can have pay pal set up.

      Check prices at the Post Office so you don’t over charge someone. The Post Office has great deals on certain packing boxes so check in to all of that. Which you offer free shipping or charge someone you can’t change your mind cause it ended up costing to much to ship or you didn’t get enough through pay pal. Just really look into it A LOT before you add auctions.

      Check people’s zip codes. That determines sometimes the cost. Be honest and truthful.

      Don’t give away broken items. Just think if you wouldn’t use it make sure it is use able to others.

      If you are selling clothes let the people know if it is coming from a non-smoking or smoking house. It really makes the difference. Post a few pics for your auctions. Describe every little detail. Plus Jewelry check the sizes and post even the rings and watches.

      Happy Bidding and Selling

  1. says

    I’ve been using Lista now for the past month. Love it!!! I’ve started to list both my handmade items and craft supplies, both are doing well. Just take the time and look at how others are listing.
    I’ve already gotten a few Christmas presents for my boys. Love not having to go out to shop.
    One tip…Free shipping is a good way to get higher points for your listings.

  2. says

    Selling and buying stuff for free on Listia is really a fun. I have registered on Listia and I have lots of stuff to sell on. The good thing about Listia is you can sell and buy any damn thing that you won’t need or you need for free. i.e. bunch of old CDs, DVDs, promotional coffee mugs, Paper weight, Pens etc.

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