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Planting a Moonflower = Hours of Family Fun

moonflower collage

Planting a Moonflower = Hours of Family Fun

I wanted to share with you the joy of planting a Moon Flower plant!  Three years ago I had the honor of hearing Jon Carloftis speak at a fundraiser tea.  He is a fabulous gardener and designs fine gardens for the stars.  Not only did he inspire me I learned so much for his talk.  He really encourages every person to garden regardless of the space you have.  He is a well know roof top gardener.  He takes spaces that you may not “normally” consider and turns them into the most gorgeous gardens!

What I walked away from his lecture with was to take the time to garden with your children.  If you don’t have “land” then use your patio, your rooftop, your landscaping.  He said that if you want to grow vegetables and think you don’t have the space then pot them or blend them into your landscaping.  He also encouraged us all to get our hands dirty and to start gardening.  He said it is the simple most impacting thing you can do for your children.

At the end of the lecture he shared with us that the best $2.00 we could ever spend was for a package of moonflower seeds.  He said that it is the neatest flowering plant and one that small children in particular love.  Well I took that to heart and immediately sent my husband out looking for moonflower seeds.  He found a package and I am going to have to say that it is the best $1.86 we ever spent in our lives!  Not only did it provide hours of frugal family fun it was fun to get our hands dirty, to watch our seeds grow into plants that ended up vining up the front columns of our house and then flowering into the most gorgeous blossoms every single night.

From this experience we expanded to planting a garden last year and expanding our garden this year.  In fact because we planed that garden my son began eating veggies and I was able to can 21 quarts of tomatoes last year.  I urge you to purchase a package of moonflower seeds too!  I am going to say that I agree with Jon Carloftis that is the best $2.00 I have EVER spend and I personally want to thank Jon Carloftis for opening my eyes to the magnificent world of gardening!

If you too ever get the opportunity to hear Jon Carlfotis lecture take the opportunity!  Thanks Mom for giving me mine :-)  If you have a Moonflower plant I would love to hear your experience too!

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    I have one of the blue/purple and pink morning glory plants that my son grew me for mothers days this year. They grew them from seeds at school. It’s now a HUGE plant that has taken over my entire flowerbed including my climbing rose. I was hoping it would climb up the porch but it choose the rose instead. I love how pretty it is but I didn’t have any idea it would get so big so quickly.

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