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Gift giving from your stockpile

I love to gift give from my stockpile.  These are two examples of how you can gift give from your stockpile in style.  The first gift is a spa gift bag filled with bath lotions, bubbles, a towel wrap, slippers high end face creams and so much more!  The grand total out of pocket expense for the gift was $7.00!  The value of the gift is well over $150!!!  It is easy to collect items throughout the year at Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreen’s.  In addition to other sources such as BzzAgent and more!

The second gift is a Thirty One Thermal Tote filled with snacks.  This bag I called “Snack Attack” and it had chex mix, vitamin water, gummies and more!  The out of pocket expense for this bag was less than $1.00!  I got the Thirty One Thermal tote FREE from hosting a party and I pulled everything out of my stockpile for the gift.  The only expense was the gift wrap!

By utilizing your stockpile you are able to think outside of the box when it comes to gift giving.  I am able to give really useful gifts that my friends and family really enjoy getting and it is easy on my budget because I am shopping from my stockpile instead of at the store!

Read my Stockpiling For the Holiday’s post for more information.  What types of ideas do you have for gift giving from your stockpile?


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  1. says

    I love finding ways to gift from my stockpile. I love your ideas. My favorite is for bridal showers…I fill a laundry basket full of all kinds of cleaning supplies. For a new bride that can get really expensive to go buy on your own.

    Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. says

    Great idea for a gift. And I love love LOVE those bags you picked out. They are so cute. Ya know, they make so many adorable totes and reusable shopping bags. I never thought of using one for a gift basket type present. I will be doing it now, that’s for sure!

    Great post! I hope you’ll stop over and visit sometime at Free 2 Be Frugal.

  3. carolyn burns says

    I just gave out my teacher gifts for my daughters teachers at daycare. I got a xmas decorated lunch bag (clearanced last year and stockpiled for this year) and then in each bag I put a razor, candle, toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant, bodywash or soap, and either a shampoo or conditioner. Every one of the teachers were so excited. Those were every day items that they use all the time and now didn’t have to go buy right away. I pulled everything out of my stockpile or bought with coupons for this with good deals. Thanks

  4. Katie H says

    WOW, these look fantastic and you have given me some great ideas. I have only been (in the country) and couponing for a few months now but already have such a large stockpile…… going to see what I can pull together for the few gifts I need this year (all our family is out of state or country, so minimum gift-giving this year :(
    Thanks so much for the great ideas and fantastic bargains you post all the time.
    Would love to see more peoples pics if they have done something similar!

  5. Amy says

    Great ideas. If you don’t have that big of stockpiles like me – I didn’t keep up my couponing all year and I donate all travel size to a women’s shelter – you can use what you have to fill stockings. Our church “adopts” families as many places do. I pick a family and fill the stockings with razors, shaving creams, shampoos, etc… Also helps me to do it this was as I’m not that great at creativity or wrapping!

  6. Rhonda Sigler says

    I love your ideas. I lost my dad right before Thanksgiving. This year I put together a power point presentation for each of my 3 daughter’s with pictures, scripture readings and music from his service. I hope the DVD will be a gift they treasure in memory of their grandpa. Just an idea other’s who have lost loved ones may want to try as a Holiday gift.

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