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Snow Day Entertainment

Snow Day Activities Collage

Today we had our 2nd snow day. I really was not preparing for snow days before Christmas as I have a lot on my plate (who doesn’t)  however being prepared for snow days makes them better at my house.  Normally one day off is not a big deal when it comes to entertaining my 5 year old. He has enough toys to keep him entertained however when it comes to several days off of school I like to be prepared with a few frugal tricks up my sleeve.

Here is a great Hot Chocolate Recipe too!

I keep these items on hand for winter survival, all of which I pick up throughout the year on clearance sales.

1. Play Doh or How to make your own Playdoh
2. Basic Art Supplies and a new coloring book
3. A new movie or two (or checked out from your local library)
4. A new puzzle (pick one up at your local consignment store)
5. A new board game (stock up on these at Christmas time)

I like to do “memorable” activities with him on a snow day.

1. Painting with pudding – Followed by a warm bubble bath
2. Soap Bubble Art
3. “Picnic” lunch on the living room floor
4. Building a blanket fort with your kitchen chairs/blankets in the living room.
5. Baking cookies, brownies, muffins or a cake.
6. Play beauty shop – by painting nails/doing make up and hair or Veterinarian – by using your child’s stuffed animals and Dr. kit
7. Have a tea party
8. Have contests (build the tallest tower, longest train, eat the most marshmallows)
9. Art projects from
10. Play fun and educational computer games. We like, and

When all else fails we like to bundle up and play in the snow, read books, play the Wii and have a PJ day while we watch our favorite movies snuggled up together on the sofa!

Regardless what you do the important thing to me is that I build memories that will last a lifetime and that we enjoy our time together!


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