Batman Valentine Exchange Box

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How to make a Batman Valentine Exchange Box

How to make a Batman Valentine Exchange Box

How to make a Batman Valentine Exchange Box

This year my son had a homework assignment to decorate a shoebox to use to exchange his Valentine’s at school.  Thinking that we would get some red paper, cut out some hearts and maybe use some glitter I was armed and ready.  I made the mistake of asking him, “how” he wanted to decorate it.  When he answered “I think I want to make batman’s car” that is when I knew I was handing this project off to his Dad.

I am lucky that my husband has an artistic flair and can literally draw and create almost anything my son has every asked for.  So when he said “Batman’s Car” is what he wanted, that is what he got.

I wanted to share the final product with you as I was so amazed at how my husband could turn items we had in our craft cabinet into Batman’s Valentine Exchange Box.  How do you think he did?  I can tell you there is a happy little boy at our house!

Supplies Used:

  • a shoe box
  • black paint
  • foam board
  • construction paper
  • red tissue paper
  • empty toilet paper roll
  • silver paint

How he did it:

  • He took a shoe box that they painted black  with tempera paint.
  • Using black foam board they cut out tires, flames and pieces to make a 3-D roof.
  • Next they attached the tires and the flames and constructed the room and attached.
  • Finally they spray painted a empty toilet paper roll silver and attached it as the tailpipe.  They added some red tissue paper inside to become the flame.
  • They cut out two yellow “windows” out of construction paper and added those to the windshield.
  • Finally they printed some Batman logos off in color and attached those to the wheels, roof and side of the car which really made it pop!
  • Be sure to cut a slit for the Valentine’s!

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  1. wow that looks awesome!!! Where do you put the valentines in? Lift up the hood? haha :) Great Job!

  2. I am impressed!

  3. Amazing, great creativity!

  4. Loved the Batman car. I would have never thought to use foam board. I will remember that next time!
    My son ( 7 yrs old) wanted an Army Tank for his Valentine’s box. I really had fun working on it with him. That is how memories are created!

  5. I love it!! My 5 yr old grandson is in Kindergarten and LOVES Batman….if the opportunity comes I will most definitely have some inspiration now!! Thanks for sharing and HIGH FIVE on TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!

  6. Renae Egeberg says:

    Do you have directions for the batman car valentines day box.

  7. I have a 6 year old son and he loves Batman. Do you have directions on how to build the batman car. My son loves it and im not the most creavite person, but I would like to try. Thanks They did an awesome job…….

  8. This is so very creative! My son loves batman! We bought batman valentine cards and this box would go right along with it! Could you give directions to make the batman car please?


  9. Jennifer Webb says:

    Can you give the site that you found the logos? I can’t find a printable one that works. It is either too big or too small. Thanks.

  10. This is super neat! Great job!

  11. Patricialynn says:

    This is such a cute idea! When we were kids, we had to use a brown lunch bag that we got to decorate and hang on the wall with our name on it! This is much better! :)

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