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Can you freeze cream cheese?

Can you freeze cream cheese?  Yes, you can!  Click here to read more and tips for success!

I often get asked, Can you freeze cream cheese? The answer is Yes and No. I know that sounds funny but YES you can freeze it. Will it be as good as if it had never been frozen? Well that depends on how you plan to use it.

How to Freeze Cream Cheese:

You can freeze it directly in the original package. It does change the consistency once frozen however if are using it in cooking or heating then just use a spoon to smooth the texture back and then it is no problem to use even in the normal form. You can also microwave it to smooth as well and it goes back to it’s (almost) normal consistency.

As it cools it will not be as creamy as if unfrozen so I find it best to use for cooking or not in its original form for best results. I freeze cream cheese all of the time! I use it for skyline dip and taco dip or other recipes that call for cream cheese in a cooked form.

Frozen Cream Cheese can also be used for spreading but I do find it to be crumbly so you do have to use a spoon smooth and microwave it to get it back to an almost normal consistency. However it will work.  I often use it to make a cream cheese ball, pepperoni rolls and salami rolls.  Another use for frozen cream cheese is this Cherry Cheesecake in a Jar.

You can also freeze Philadelphia Cooking Cream. It works fine because you are cooking with it! I have frozen it and then thawed it and microwaved it to smooth and then cooked with it.

By freezing you can extend the life by 4 to 6 months. Just write the date you put it into the freezer with a permanent marker so you know how long it has been there.

How to freeze cream cheese and tips for thawing it!

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    • Maryann Gerber says

      Can you freeze cream cheese if your making a choc. mixture with the cream cheese. I wouldn’t be cooking it at all for this recipe. would love to hear your input on this.

      Maryann G

      • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

        Yes, you sure can! Try the microwave method to get it to get back to the right consistency.

        • Maryann Gerber says

          I all ready mixed everything together. would I still be able to micro wave it? with all the other ingred.? I still have to dip the balls in melted choc.

          Maryann G

  1. Connie Narrell says

    I freeze Cream Cheese, to get it smooth again all you need to do is put it in a bowl, microwave it till you can stir it smooth ( stop and stir it a couple of times and then Ref. it again if you are going to use it cold.
    Works Very Well.
    It makes it smooth like before.
    I have done it many times, but if you want it cold you must give yourself enough time.

  2. KerryAnn May says

    What about freezing this new Cooking Creme? Anyone try it? It’s 50 cents a tub, with coupon during the Kroger Mega. I would like to buy a bunch and freeze it if it can be frozen.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      I don’t know but I would think it would be ok. Mine doesn’t expire until July 2011 so I am going for it :-)

  3. KerryAnn May says

    I am getting some tonite and didn’t realize it had such a long expiration date. good to know. thanks!

  4. Makenzie says

    Once frozen, could you use that cream cheese to bake with? I have a favorite cookie recipe that calls for cream cheese (8 oz).

  5. Anne says

    So I’m guessing it would be fine to use in cheesecake after it’s been frozen? I really like my mixture to be smooth before I bake it, but maybe it’s not a big deal? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      Yes, I think it would be fine for cheesecake – not as smooth though as if it had never been frozen.

  6. Jill says

    I bought alot of pkgs of cream cheese 3 days ago & froze it. Today I laid it out to thaw & when I used it to bake with it was very crumbly. Which is OK b/c I baked with it. But my major concern is I have to make SEVERAL cheese balls in about 3 weeks and I don’t think crumbly cream cheese will work in my cheeseballs. Thats what makes the cheese balls smooth & creamy like. Should I take out of freezer now & put in fridge since they have only been frozen for 3 days, hoping they won’t be so crumbly in a few weeks when I go to make all my cheese balls?

  7. Ms. V says

    Thanks for the info on freezing cream cheese, beginning to work with more cream cheese making cheese cakes.. Will the consistency be the same once softened again to bake with?

  8. Debby McConahy says

    Wow, so happy I read this. I just had a family reunion that I bought a bunch of cream cheese for that we didn’t use. I was afraid it was going to go to waste but now I know I can freeze it.
    Thanks Ladies.

  9. Candice says

    What about freezing for using it for a cheesecake later on?
    I know baking a cheesecake you have to follow the instructions to a tee.

    • Amber says

      I used frozen (and then thawed) cream cheese in a New York style cheesecake recipe. It was perfect. No real texture change except maybe a little less smooth. I whipped the cream cheese really well, though, and that helped with the lumps.

  10. Marilyn says

    What about freezing a cream cheese mixture that has hard boiled eggs in it? I had a party and prepared the filling for vol au vents with cream cheese, hard boiled eggs and tuna, but did double the amount that I needed and I don’t want it to waste away! Maybe I could freeze it to use on Christmas day?

  11. petra says

    does this work for the lower fat neuchatel cream cheese?
    I also read the first comment about goat cheese. This is helpful because I often end up with leftover goat cheese after I’ve prepared a recipe that calls for just a little bit.

  12. Krista says

    As far as using frozen cream cheese for things like cheesecakes, has anyone tried using an immersion blender on a low speed? I have not tried freezing and unfreezing cream cheese but I can anticipate what it’s texture after unfreezing would be like and I would think that using an immersion blender briefly on a low speed would really help improve the texture and smoothness of the cream cheese and “batter”.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      I don’t have an immersion blender but my friend does so I asked her to give it a try and she said it worked well.

  13. Christina says

    hi, i wanted to know if i can use the cream cheese in a cream cheese frosting for a cake after it has been frozen. thank u.

  14. Tiffany says

    I remember hearing some where you cab freeze cream cheese. Took it out to use and didn’t know that the consistency was going to be crumbly. So its good to know that is normal. :)

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