How to Plan a Super Hero Party

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Last Sunday Peyton and I went to an awesome Super Hero Party.  It was hosted at our local library, Kenton County Public Library – Durr Branch.  Not only was it fun but it was also frugal so I wanted to share it with you.  It could easily be adapted into a fun birthday party for boys or girls!


How to Plan a Super Hero Party

First of all the children all gathered in the floor where they were read an awesome 3-D Super Hero Book.  You could easily check this out at your local library for FREE.  After that they were sent to their seats at tables to decorate their very own super hero mask and cape!  the capes were made from an inexpensive cotton with ribbon at the neck to tie.  The mask was made from a stiff felt.  They had shapes cut out in felt for the kids to attach to the capes.

Also at the table was a checklist for each child to complete a series of “missions”.  The paper read: Complete these tasks at the following Super Hero training stations to become a certified member of the Justice League.  You may complete the tasks in any order you wish.  Put a check next in the box next to the station you have completed your task.  When you have completed turn it in for a certificate.

Here is a list of the Super Hero Missions:

1.  Decorated Cape and Mask – Super cut an inexpensive made from bright color fabric, felt and ribbon.  Attached with glue dots.

2.  Brick Smash – A stack of 8 cardboard bricks (boxes covered with red brick paper) – Smash through the bricks

3.  Mighty Muscles – Made of PVC pipe and black paper.  Lift each weight 5 times.

4.  Fancy footwork – Step through a maze of string.

5.  Tunnel Crawl – Just a simple tube to crawl through.

6.  Sword Play – Hit your opponents sword 10 times (made of pool noodles cut in half).

7.  Lava Pit – Walk across the Lava Pit (a baby pool filled with red paper – secure plank across) – to rescue the baby and then walk back with the baby without falling.

8.  Ring the Bell – Using a sledge hammer (small) try to hit the bell (made from a pipe and large washer).

9.  Rock of Strength – Lift the rock above your head (made of paper mache).

Each child got 2 super hero taffy candies and the certificate.  It read: Official Member of The Justice League.  For completing Super Hero Training Camp with their name and date.

In addition they had a table of books about super heroes that you could check out or sit down and read.  All of the kids (and parents had a blast)!   If you are looking for a fun themed party you can’t go wrong with a Super Hero Party!

We found some really cute Super Hero themed napkins online at Birthday In A Box that would be a great fit for this Super Hero Party! They also had some inexpensive super hero capes for $2.98 each and cute invitations and thank you cards too! You can often get a nice discount when you shop online!


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  1. Tamara Nankivel says:

    ohhh thank-you so much having a superhero bday party March 6th!! your post couldn’t come at a more perfect time!!!

  2. Great post! My favorite game would be the lava pit. We’re having a dinosaur themed party for my son’s 2nd birthday in July. My husband wants me to make giant bones out of paper mache to put around the yard. Do you have any instructions on how to work with paper mache, or know of any great sites to use as a guide? I haven’t worked with that stuff since I was in elementary school. :/

  3. Jenny Schwartz says:

    Thanks for the spotlight on my Super Hero Party at the library. It was a lot of fun. I have copies of the Super Hero Training Camp checklist and the Justice League certificates if you would like them. You can email me through my work at :

    Thanks again!

    Jenny Schwartz
    Children’s Programmer & School Coordinator
    Kenton County Public Library
    William E. Durr Branch
    1992 Walton Nicholson Rd.
    Independence, KY 41051

  4. This is so cute…

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