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How to store a paint roller

A quick tip to save a few dollars . . .

With being in our house for 7 years and prior to the weather turning with nice, warm spring days, I tasked my hubby to paint the interior of our house.  He was quite the weekend warrior from prepping the walls, moving furniture and painting.  After spending much of the weekend painting, I went downstairs to put something in the refrigerator and found a surprise.  Yes, paint rollers in my crisper drawer.

I inquired with my hubby about my finding, and he shared with me it was a trick to maintain paint rollers and brushes, especially when you have to stop in the midst of a painting job.  By placing the roller or brush in a ziploc bag or in plastic wrap and placing it within the refrigerator, the cooler temperature and high humidity retains the moisture and doesn’t dry out.

By extending the life of the painter roller, you save yourself the costs of using multiple paint rollers for a single, large project.  Additionally after a paint roller is used the more compressed the nap becomes, which may impact the look of the dried wall.  Not only does this tip save you money it also saves you time from having to wash your brushes/rollers during the job.

You may be interested in How to dispose of old paint too.

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  1. Kathy Edwards says

    If I have had to stop for just an hour 0r two, I wrap a wet paper towel around the brush/roller and let it sit on the counter.

  2. Jennifer says

    OH MY HECK—WHen did you take THAT picture from in my icebox that is in the garage!!! LOL LOL
    That is EXACTLY what our rollers and FRIDGE look like !!!

  3. Bethanie says

    I always use grocery bags, then you can use the bag handles to tie around the roller handle and no mess taking the thing off the handle.

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