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How to use coupons with a BOGO Offer from the store :: Video

I wanted to share with you this quick video on How to use coupons with a Buy One Get One Free offer from the store this week for Sunday Spotlight. You may want to reference this list of Store Policies after you watch the video. Hope this helps answers some of your questions.

Next week is how to use a Manufactuer’s Coupon.



  1. Tabitha says

    I tried to use a BOGO coupon for a BOGO sale at CVS and the cashier said no, that I had to buy something, couldn’t get it all free. So now I am little iffy to try the one at walgreens this week.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      That cashier did not know what they were talking about…you can match these together…cashiers like to act like the experts on coupon policies when most of the time they have no idea :-(

  2. Faith says

    Hi, I had a b1g1 coupon, can I use a coupon on the free product? Walgreens sometimes just takes it from the total, but there’s nothing in they’re coupon policy about this. Any help?

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      Yes, you can. You may need a “filler” item though to be sure that it doesn’t beep. Throw in a pack of gum next time and see if you have a problem.

  3. says

    I work for a retail grocery and our computers will not accept the coupon if it is BOGO free. If the item is free, the computer programming picks that up. …. And, we are not allowed to accept the coupon. If there is a way to get around that, let me know. I’ve asked managers, and they tell me absolutely not.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      It does vary from store to store on how they have their computer set up. What we find is that if the product rings “free” with a “o” dollar amount that you can not use a coupon however many stores split the value of the product (in case you return it) and then you can.

  4. Peggy says

    Hi~ thank you for the info. I just want to make the idea clear for me. So if I have 2 coupons for 75 cents off on 1 box cereal. Can I use both of that coupon on 1 box? Thank you for your times.

  5. FloridaCouponKing says

    Yesterday had major problem at WAGS in Boynton Beach, FL. Right Guard Body Wash B1G1 store promotion combined with MQ for B1G1. Clerk denied sale and told me I was committing coupon fraud. Showed Asst Mgr coupon policy, agreed with clerk, he called Store Mgr on phone who said I would have to buy 1st item at half price to get 2nd item free. Cannot understand how these store make up their own policy. Escalating issue to corporate office tomorrow.

  6. julia says

    if you have 2 coupons for bogo and there is no sale at the store can you use both of the coupons and get both items for free?

  7. brandy says

    I have a coupon for $1.00 off when I buy two. The store is having a BOGO free of this item. So do I pick up two items and get a dollar off one, or buy two and get the third item free?

  8. Alison says

    I’ve been doing coupon shopping for a while now but I just don’t have the time to always cut the Sunday inserts. I’ve bought coupons from a few services. I just found a new cutting service that is reasonably priced and they ship everyday so even if I’m running out of time with my sale they will ship quickly and I get the coupons fast. They have coupons that aren’t available in my area and even some that other services don’t carry. Check them out

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