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Stockpiling Saturday – What has couponing done for your family?

Stockpiling Saturday – What has couponing done for your family?  Couponing and Stockpiling have reintroduced old friends into my life. I am very happy about this. I knew Erica as a child and really had not seen her in about 25 years until her sister booked a Stockpiling 101 class last year. This is where I got to catch up with her. I found out she is one RAVING fan who has introduced people from all over to us! She has been very supportive of us so I had to ask her “What has couponing and stockpiling done for your family?” She made some awesome points and I wanted to share her answer! She is challenging you to try this and I love it!!!

Erica says:
Why pay for toothpaste when you can always get it free? I have always known that coupons would save my family money, but I was never aware of just how much. We have four children in our family and our monthly grocery bill was outrageous. We were living paycheck to paycheck and would often be out of the essentials the day before payday. After being frustrated each week, I decided to explore coupons. I continued getting page suggestions for coupon saving sites so I decided to accept one and explore my options.

Let me just say, WOW! It amazed me how many items I had been paying full price for that my family uses on a regular basis. During the summer 2010, I read articles about Couponing and/or Stockpiling 101 and decided I was going to give it a try. I spent 3 hours my first week planning and locating coupons. I had over 90 coupons to use for that grocery trip. I felt so empowered to walk into the store knowing I basically had $90 in my pocket. That is exactly what coupons are = money! Since last summer, I spend an average of 2-3 hours each week planning my savings. I have saved my family over $3,000 in 8 months just by using coupons and knowing how to stack them to get the best deal available. If someone said you would get a $450 paycheck each month for approximately 10-12 hours of work, wouldn’t you accept the offer?

The most important thing I have learned throughout my couponing experience is that I had to find what worked for my family. We don’t have much room to store items we want to stockpile, so I only buy perishables that we can use within 3-6 months and health & beauty items to last 9-12 months. I challenge you to take some time out of your busy schedule this week and explore the benefits of coupons. I can guarantee you will be extremely hesitant to ever buy a product again without a coupon. Best of luck with your couponing journey!

Thanks Erica for being such a loyal friend and fan!!

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  1. patti says

    I have to say I totally agree. Now that I’ve been couponing and shopping for the best possible deals for a few months, I am amazed at how much money I can save just by combining great sale prices with coupons and doing a little stockpiling. I’m thinking I’ll never pay full price for toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste (any health and beauty item really). And my grocery shopping attitude has changed as well…if it’s not on sale AND I don’t have a coupon to go along with the sale, I most likely will not buy it…now I realize the real bargains will come around again!! And your site has been instrumental in my changes and savings…thanks!

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