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10 “Egg”-celent Educational things to do with Easter Eggs

Easter is quickly approaching and whether you plan to attend community, school or library Easter egg hunts one thing is for sure. Your house is going to be over taken by plastic eggs. You will find them everywhere, under the bed, in the kitchen, maybe even in the washing machine. Your children will hide them and then forget where they are. Before half of each of those colorful eggs goes missing and a few get stepped on and cracked, think about using them for some educational activities. Here’s 10 ways to use plastic Easter eggs that your little one will love and learn while playing. (I suggest saving your empty egg cartons to hold your egg activities)

1.      Listening eggs…Fill two plastic eggs with a small object and tape shut. Repeat this 5 more times with different objects and put all 12 eggs in a carton mixed up. See if your child can shake the eggs and match them based on sound. We used paperclips, pennies, marbles, rice, uncooked macaroni, and cotton balls.

2.      Color matching eggs…Put twelve eggs in an egg carton mixed up (two of each color) and have your toddler match the colors.

3.      Count your eggs (before they hatch)…Using eleven plastic eggs, write numbers 0-10 on one half of the egg and then dots that match on the other half of the eggs. Give your child all the eggs and see if they can count the dots and match them to the correct number. Use more or less eggs depending on how old your child is and how high they can count.

4.      ABCDEggs…On one half of a plastic egg write a capital letter and write the corresponding lowercase letter on the other half. Encourage your child to match the letters up and start with less letters if your child is younger.

5.      Egg-celent Circle Art…Using half of a plastic egg, stamp paint circles. Overlap and use different colors for a impressionist piece or make clear circles and turn the circles into something else after they dry using markers. Circles could be basketballs, bugs, monsters, and so many others things.

6.      More Egg-celent Circle Art…Let children stamp paint with halves of eggs and use their artwork for backgrounds for Easter scrapbook pages, stationary or card stock.

7.      Egg Stack…Take eggs apart and use the halves to play a counting game. Roll a dice and add that many egg halves to a stack. How many can you stack before the eggs topple over???

8.      Here’s The Scoop…Scatter plastic eggs around on the floor and challenge your kiddos to scoop them up with a variety of kitchen tools. Try out a variety of spoons, scoops, tongs, and serving forks. Which one is easiest/hardest? After they choose their favorite see how quickly they can pick up all the eggs.

9.      We’re on a Roll…Make ramps with cardboard or blocks and roll your eggs down the hill. Talk about whose went the farthest? How can you change your ramp to make the egg go further? Make a target and see if you can make your ramp just right to get your egg in the target.

10. Easter Egg Hunt (with a twist)…Hide your eggs around your house, yard or park and draw a quick map for your child to follow. Older children can hide the eggs and draw a map for you or a sibling to follow too.

Hope these quick ideas help you put your plastic egg collection to good use.   Happy hunting!

Jayme Richerson is a mommy and an independent representative with Usborne Books and More. At home with her boys, she uses materials from around the house to create learning activities and artwork materials.

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