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Stockpiling Saturday – Using the Freezer

I love to freeze food!! I am kicking myself for not buying a bigger freezer! Here are some helpful hints on your freezer and freezer items.

Avoid Bags of vegetables at the store that feel like chunks of ice in them. Those chunks of ice are the result of thawing and refreezing!

If you keep your home freezer on 0 degrees F, your fruits and veg can retain their quality and nutrients for 8-12 months!

Make sure you always rotate what is in your freezer after making a shopping trip! It is so easy to throw things in but if it is not properly rotated you will be throwing things away! I hate wasting money!

Load your Freezer lightly! If you pack way to much unfrozen food in your freezer your freezing rate decreases. This will make a difference in the taste of things when they thaw! When I freeze my OJ, I keep it in the frig and pack my Freezer slowly! I hate being overworked, I can’t imagine what my freezer feels like! :)

Make sure you keep ample space between your freezer and the things around it. Allow air to circulate around the freezer so it will run properly!

If you want to conserve energy, you can fill unused spaces in your freezer with water bottles. Just make sure they are not filled to the top! This will keep the temp in the freezer with out using extra energy!

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  1. CL says

    What items can you freeze safely? For instance: milk, yogurt, margarine, cream ceese, shredded cheese… etc. TIA

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