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Utilizing the Freezer – 7 Days of Stockpiling


Utilizing the Freezer - 7 Days of Stockpiling
When I started Stockpiling I did not have a deep freezer. Shelley got one first and I have to say I had “freezer envy” :-) I was thrilled when I got one for Christmas 2009! It was the best gift I ever got. If you are going to stockpile I highly suggest it. It is the best investment for your return. I prefer a standing freezer versus a chest freezer for ease of finding your items. In addition to my kitchen refrigerator, I also have a second one in our basement.

The next investment I would make is the Foodsaver. I can honestly say I LOVE the Foodsaver. It extends the life of your food and keeps it without freezer burn. My Mother-in-Law bought it for me and I love it! You can read my post on the foodsaver for tips of how to use it. I suggest buying it at Kohl’s when you get a 30% off plus Kohls Cash. There are often rebates too!

When it comes to freezing your stockpile you need to think outside of the box.  In fact there is actually very little you can NOT freeze.   In fact you may even be interested in Once a Month Cooking.  I freeze bread, buns, cheese, cream cheese, milk, oj, eggs, butter, sour cream and fruit and vegetables to name a few.

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7 Days of Stockpiling Series:

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If you are new (or even experienced) to freezer cooking:

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    • Jane says

      Butter is very easy to freeze, there are no changes of any kind!! I always buy two packages, one goes to the fridge one goes to the freezer. So you always have some.

  1. Michele Ball says

    Quick question please. After reading about your use of foodsavers I have been looking at them on Aazon and most have several 1 star reviews. WHat one do you have or recommend? Brand and model if you dont mind. That way I know its used alot and works correctly. And what is the bag size for that model? Thanks,


  2. Melissa says

    I bought my foodsaver when Target had a coupon for them and there was a manufacturer coupon out, too. I love mine, but I don’t use it as much as I should!

  3. says

    I’ve been wanting to invest in a deep freeze for awhile now. I always find the best deals on frozen stuff. I’m not so big on freezing meat, I can always taste the difference. Can you tell the cheese/eggs etc have been frozen?

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