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Frugal Mom’s Night Out :: Frugal Friday

This week for Frugal Friday I wanted to share Frugal Mom’s Night Out ideas.  I have a group of great neighborhood girlfriends that go out once a month together.  It is something we ALL look forward too!  Spending time together once a month is so important as we all need that adult Mom time and just by putting the date on the calendar we have the date to look forward too.  However, we don’t have a huge budget for our Mom’s Night Outs.

Here are five tips for a frugal Mom’s Night Out.

1. Think outside of the box when it comes to planning a frugal Mom’s night out. Think about locations that are FREE or cheap to get into.  This may be the perfect destination!

2. Sign up for Dining Out and Birthday Clubs. Our three favorite months to go out is our birthday months and anniversary month. You can save a ton by strategically using coupons when Dining Out. Share an entree/split an appetizer and drink water to save more.

3. Head to the dollar theater if you have one available!  Another idea is a comedy club.  We have local club that offers discounts and even free tickets for weeknight shows.

4. Utilize Groupon or other daily deal sites.  Buy a spa gift certificate or restaurant gift certificates and use them for an inexpensive night out!

5. Host a Mom’s Night In.  We do this often at my house.  Everyone brings a snack to share and we go down to the basement where we won’t disturb my son and enjoy our budget savvy Mom’s Night In!

Do you have any Frugal Mom’s Night Out Tips to share?

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