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How do we get our coupons?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how do we get our coupons?  There are a variety of sources so we thought it would be nice to include them in one post for you.

1.  Sunday Coupon Inserts – Check out our Exclusive Cincinnati Enquirer Deal

2.  All You Magazine – We have a deal where you can buy it for only $.83 an issue!

3.  Digital Coupons – Some stores allow you to load coupons to your shoppers card.

4.  Organic Coupons – An extensive list of sites that provide Organic Coupons.

5.  Coupon Clippers – A great resource for purchasing hot coupons or multiple copies used to stockpile

6.  Trading – One of the best resources is your friends and family!  Ask them to share with you after they clip.  Or organize a coupon swap.  We also have a Coupon Trading Page here on the blog!

7.  Collect Coupons at the Store

8.  Print them online – another great resource and way to obtain additional copies of the coupons from the Sunday paper insert is to print online.

9.  Contact companies – if there is a brand you love try contacting the company and they may send you a coupon!  Also check their websites and see if they have any online.

10. Coupon Database – always check our coupon database for printables and available coupons. Best of all it is FREE!


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